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Nose Surgery Specialist

Southern California Center for Surgical Arts

Husam Elias, MD, DMD, FACS

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dental Implant Clinic and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery located in Sherman Oaks, CA

You’re in good company if you want to change the appearance of your nose — nose surgery ranks in the top five cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. Nose surgery is also a complex procedure, which is why you need an expert like Husam Elias, MD, DMD, FACS, at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts. He combines extensive experience with a detailed knowledge of the nasal structure and a refined artistic sense to produce the results you want to achieve. To learn more, call the office in Sherman Oaks, California, or book an appointment online.

Nose Surgery Q & A

What changes can I make with nose surgery?

Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is performed to reshape your nose and nostrils. Many patients choose to undergo nose surgery because they’re unhappy with the way their nose looks. However, Dr. Elias also performs nose surgery to fix structural defects that affect breathing and to restore function and appearance after a traumatic nose injury.

These are a few examples of changes Dr. Elias may accomplish during nose surgery:

  • Reduce nose size
  • Change bridge width
  • Improve nose symmetry
  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Correct a deviated nasal septum
  • Eliminate bridge bumps or depressions
  • Correct the size, shape, and position of your nostrils

Dr. Elias also specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty, which improves the appearance of your nose while retaining your natural ethnic looks.

What should I know about post-traumatic rhinoplasty?

Your nose can sustain more than the obvious external damage following a traumatic injury. Trauma of any kind can cause internal deviations and bleeding, which frequently leads to a blood clot around the septum.

When an internal blood clot goes untreated, it may become infected, damage the nasal cartilage, and cause a nose deformity. A prompt evaluation following a nose injury can prevent these complications. It also gives Dr. Elias the opportunity to repair structures before they heal into a crooked or misshapen nose.

What are open and closed nose surgeries?

When Dr. Elias performs a closed rhinoplasty, he makes the incision inside your nose. A closed procedure is preferred when your surgery is a straightforward repair. However, more complex nose surgeries may require an open procedure.

During an open rhinoplasty, Dr. Elias makes the incision in the skin between your nostrils. This leaves a scar but it’s small and barely noticeable as it’s hidden in the nose’s natural contour.

When will I see results following nose surgery?

Following most surgery, you’ll wear a splint to stabilize your newly reshaped nose. Dr. Elias removes the splint in about seven days, which is when you’ll immediately see the initial changes. However, you’ll need to wait a few weeks for the swelling to go down before you’ll see the full impact. The shape of your nose also becomes further refined as tissues heal further over the following months.

When you’re ready to change the appearance of your nose, call Southern California Center for Surgical Arts or book an appointment online.