While breast augmentation continues to evolve with technology, not all plastic surgeons offer the most modern techniques. Thankfully, Dr. Elias is trained and specializes in Minimal Incision (Transaxillary Endoscopic) Breast Augmentation.  Dr. Elias is one of the few cosmetic surgeons that performs this modern type of breast augmentation.

So what exactly is Minimal Incision (Transaxillary Endoscopic) Breast Augmentation?

Minimal Incision (Transaxillary Endoscopic) Breast Augmentation is a breast enlargement technique where the implants are placed through an armpit incision using a surgical camera. The incision, which is typically about an inch long, is small and hidden in the armpit.  This results in scar-free breasts! The procedure is performed using an endoscope, or surgical camera, which displays an image on a TV monitor, providing complete visualization of the surgical space. This minimally invasive endoscopic approach provides significant technical advantages compared to other, more old-fashioned approaches (in the breast fold or around the nipple). The camera is used to precisely create the implant pocket under direct vision, ensuring that the implant position is accurate.

Why choose Minimal Incision (Transaxillary Endoscopic) Breast Augmentation over other breast procedures?

The armpit incision is preferred because it eliminates the need for scars on the breasts.  In addition, the shape and positioning of the implant is more carefully and accurately achieved using the surgical camera.  This procedure also eliminates the need to cut through the breast tissue during implant placement. The result of Minimal Incision (Transaxillary Endoscopic) Breast Augmentation is the best possible cosmetic breast shape and implant position. Since the endoscope gives Dr. Elias full visualization of the space during surgery, it allows for careful and meticulous control of bleeding.  This technique is associated with virtually no bruising and minimal swelling during the recovery period.

What is the healing process like?

The armpit scars typically heal very well and are hidden in an existing crease.   Dr. Elias will arrange for follow-up the day after surgery to make sure you are recovering properly.  The pain is moderate and well controlled with the medications we prescribe.

If you think Minimal Incision (Transaxillary Endoscopic) Breast Augmentation is the right option for you, contact Southern California Center for Surgical arts today!