Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for women anymore, as more and more men are reaping the rewards of these restorative procedures. In fact, a 2016 study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that men now make up nearly 10 percent of all cosmetic procedures and treatments—and that number keeps on growing.

Why Men Seek Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to male confidence, much of it is associated with appearance. Men tend to be characterized by three important physical features: a chiseled chest, strong jawline and enhanced muscle definition.


For many men, the workforce tends to be a big contributor in seeking plastic surgery. It can be stressful trying to compete in the job market, especially when you’re up against younger colleagues. With a refreshed, youthful appearance, men can regain the confidence they need to stay ahead of the game.

Sometimes, though, there are other motivations—like impressing your partner, re-entering the dating scene after a divorce, or even looking your best on social media. Inspiration comes in many forms, and at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we can bring out the best you.

Dr. Elias can restore your body and boost your self-esteem, regardless of the area needing work. Our Sherman Oaks practice serves the Los Angeles area and offers a variety of cosmetic procedures, but for men the most popular include:

Liposuction – This procedure continues to be one of the most popular among men. No matter how many times you hit the gym, excess fat still seems to find a way to hang on to the body. If stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat are causing you shame or embarrassment, liposuction is an effective way to remove it.

Following the procedure, there will likely be a two or three month recovery period. During this time you will have dressing and compression bandages on your treatment site. Light to moderate pain or swelling is expected and will be treated with medication. You can expect to see results within the first couple of months following your liposuction procedure.

Gynecomastia (male breast reduction) – Unnecessary layers of fat on the pectoral area can resemble male breasts—often causing shame and embarrassment. If healthy lifestyle changes like diet and exercise aren’t giving you the masculine chest you desire, consider gynecomastia. A male breast reduction by Dr. Elias can rid your body of that extra fatty tissue and give you the confidence you deserve.

Immediately following the procedure, you may feel pretty weak, so enlisting the help of family and friends may be beneficial. Generally, healing from a breast male reduction will take 4 to 6 weeks, during which you will return to our clinic for some follow-up appointments.

Facelift – Unfortunately, the first signs of aging tend to show in the face and neck—with volume and laxity issues creating unsightly lines, wrinkles, and sunken cheeks. Thankfully, a facelift can help restore a more youthful appearance.

Also referred to as a rhytidectomy, this cosmetic procedure takes about four to six hours to complete. For the first 10 to 14 days following the surgery, you can expect some redness and swelling. Pain medication will be prescribed to combat any discomfort, but strenuous exercise during this time is not advised. This outpatient procedure allows you to go home the same day and many patients begin to see positive results in as little as two or three days.

Rhinoplasty– Front and center, the nose tends to be the dominating facial feature. So for men who have a bump on the bridge of the nose, a downturned tip or enlarged nostrils, rhinoplasty is an easy solution. This detailed nose surgery can fix abnormalities like the shape, position, dimensional balance and overall structure of the nose.

After the surgery, Dr. Elias will close up the incisions with a non-dissolving suture that will usually be removed in about a week. Your nose may also be placed with some splints and bandages for extra support.

Facial implants and facial contouring – If you have concerns about your facial structure or proportions, implants can help create pronounced lines and add volume and shape. Whether your concerns are with your soft jawline or unusual cheekbone structure, Dr. Elias can restore your facial symmetry and enhance your overall appearance.

After surgery, your incision sites will be dressed with protective bandages to ensure proper recovery and healing. Your activities should be limited during the initial healing process, but you can expect a full recovery within one to two months.