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Skin Care


Skin care is one of the most important practices we can incorporate into our daily routine. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how important it is until wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and pigmentation in the skin occurs. To support healthy skin and maintain a youthful look in color, volume and elasticity, we must eat well, hydrate and exercise accordingly. Of course, even if we do all of these things the body can still suffer from early signs of aging. At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we offer an assortment of skin care and rejuvenation treatments to help reduce these skin concerns that are minimally or non-invasive.


Laser Skin Resurfacing

To help replenish the beauty in our skin, facial treatments using laser can be effective and offer long-lasting results. Resurfacing the skin is recommended when you have acne scarring, deeper lines and wrinkles, as well as hyperpigmentation in the skin. Treatment using CO2 laser offers short pulsed light application to the surface skin cells so that it may strip the skin in layers and uncover new skin. This treatment is only one of the many types of laser resurfacing we can offer here at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts. Dr. Elias can recommend other laser treatments such as fractional laser treatment that can treat specific areas of the skin to avoid treating the whole face if you’re looking to minimize swelling and redness. Our laser treatments are much easier on the skin than some chemical peel or dermabrasion methods, depending on your skin type and what you would like treated. Laser treatments with Dr. Elias are controlled in the depth of treatment to allow for more precise removal of skin cells and the reduction of scarring. Laser skin resurfacing can focus on the following areas and conditions:

  • Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
  • Fine lines in the face, forehead, neck and chest
  • Acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Removes dead skin
  • Can get rid of acne causing bacteria
  • Oil and sweat glands

During the procedure, Dr. Elias will cover untreated areas with a draping cloth. You skin will be cleansed thoroughly with specified medical cleansers and serums to begin, as well as a topical anesthetic. Dr. Elias will explain all the steps required before beginning the laser treatment. Your skin will feel smoother and replenished over time. These laser treatments can greatly increase the refreshed look of the skin as it promotes collagen and elastin growth from the deeper dermal layers. Laser treatment can take anywhere from half an hour to two full hours to treat all areas. Laser resurfacing isn’t for everyone, but we offer chemical peels as well.


Chemical Peels

We recommend chemical peels for clients that are not comfortable with laser treatment. Chemical peels can take additional recovery time, but can vary in strength. Dr. Elias will go over the differences between both options and which one would be the best choice for your particular skin care needs. A chemical peel requires medical grade acids to remove the surface layers of the skin so that we can get down to the base layers of the dermis and treat them. This treatment is less effective on deeper wrinkles and lines but is great for those experiencing mild lines and wrinkles. We offer mild, medium and deep chemical peels that will be customized for your skin type and concerns. Chemical peels will take care of some minor scars from acne and sun damage. Clients that have any pre-cancerous skin conditions, such as discolored skin in certain areas on the face are encouraged to try a chemical peel to lighten these. During a chemical peel treatment, Dr. Elias will thoroughly cleanse the area with our purifying cleansers to prime the area for the application of a chemical solution. With gloved hands, he will use an applicator to gently apply the chemical solution and allow it to set for a specified period. The peel is removed gently and the damaged skin cells will be sloughed off. Our laser skin care treatments are great for people who would like to see faster results with regard to early signs of aging. For patients with sensitive skin, these treatments can be adjusted for sensitivity. Redness and swelling can occur after laser treatment or chemical peel, but should dissipate a week or so after the procedure. Dr. Elias will explain all recovery details for each patient as they require customized care. Full recovery from redness can take weeks or months, so it’s important that you discuss your skin care options with Dr. Elias and see which is best for you. Call Southern California Center for Surgical Arts at 818-616-6685 to schedule your complimentary consultation for laser treatments or chemical peels. Our skin care treatments are sure to help you become more confident and rejuvenate your skin to its former glory.

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