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Missing Teeth: Your Prosthetic and Surgical Needs


Your teeth have more of an affect on your body than you might think. When your oral health is taken care of, it adds a balance to the body, but something like missing a tooth can affect the way you bite, speak and eat. These habits influence the way we treat others as well.

When you lose teeth and begin to rely on your remaining teeth for essential functions, they are much more prone to being damaged, worn out or lost. Headaches and jaw pain are also common in people who have missing teeth. The great new is, there are so many options for replacing missing teeth, you can be smiling wide again in no time! Be in control of your appearance and health, and have your condition treated by Dr. Elias today.

Tooth Replacement Options

Missing teeth can be replaced on a temporary or permanent basis. If you are unsure which method is best for you, read on or call our offices to schedule a consultation. Dr. Elias will meet with you, discuss your case specifically and detail to you why he believes your option is best.

If you are missing one or more teeth or are unhappy with your current tooth replacement method, call us! Do note: smoking, some diseases such as diabetes and radiation are known to lower the dental implant success rate. We will conduct thorough x-rays of your jaw to determine whether it can accommodate implants. If not, you have plenty of other options like the following:

Fixed Bridge

Without an implant, a fixed bridge is merely a connected set of replacement teeth. It is cemented on top of the teeth on either side of the missing space for protection. This is a great option if you have only a few missing teeth and are looking for a simple, speedy procedure.


Flippers are most common amongst younger patients whose mouths are still growing and may not be able to withstand an implant surgery. The concept is simple: a plastic tooth is stuck into a plastic retainer for easy insertion and removal. Going out? Flipper in. Staying in? Let the mouth breathe. It’s up to you!

Metal Partial

An alternative to a flipper is a metal partial, which may be a little less fragile in the long run. This option is made from partial denture cast in metal and plastic and held in place using wire clips.


Most commonly, patients will opt for a full set of dentures to cover up missing teeth. Patients who lose all of their teeth suddenly have issues keeping up with their personal and professional lives, and this is a fast solution to get a smile back on your face. Many people adapt well to dentures and never want to remove them. Others find them uncomfortable because they tend to be bulky and uncomfortable depending on the mouth.

Dental Implants

Implants are the most comfortable and permanent solution to missing teeth. Dental implants are basically artificial root replacements, which allow your prosthesis to be fully supported by the bone and new “root”.

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