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Mini Dental Implants


Mini dental implants, also called denture-retention implants, are designed to securely hold dentures in place for up to ten years. These implants are less costly than traditional dental implants and can also be used for single tooth replacement instead of crowns or bridges. As you may be able to guess by their name, mini dental implants are smaller than traditional ones, but are able to keep your denture or crown firmly in place the same way full dental implants can.

What’s the difference, then?

  • Longevity: Traditional dental implants last over 30 years, up to a lifetime. Mini dental implants last up to 10 years and will need to be replaced.
  • Cost: Mini dental implants are significantly more affordable.
  • Non-surgical: The procedure to place mini dental implants is minimally invasive, requiring no incisions and lasting only 2 hours. You can walk away with your flawless smile in only one appointment!
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