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Dental Implants


Tooth extraction may often be necessary if any teeth are causing pain, are infected or have been broken or deteriorated. We know that the jawbone can deteriorate from loss of teeth, but the socket where the tooth once lay is also affected by lack of function. If the socket is left without treatment, it may affect the health of your jawbone and also the future ability of your mouth to be able to house dental implants or other forms of tooth replacement.

Preserving the socket bone minimizes bone loss, and there are several techniques that Dr. Elias might use during such a procedure. Most commonly, the affected tooth is removed and the socket immediately filled with either natural bone or a substitute graft material. The socket is covered with tissue so that it is able to repair and heal without the risk of collapse of the gum in the affected area. Preserving the socket is very helpful in offering a strong foundation for future dental implants.

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