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Tummy Tuck


There are many reasons why the abdomen may begin to weaken over time. Age, weight gain and pregnancy all contribute to a loss of structure in abdominal muscles, resulting in a stomach that protrudes away from the body. An abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” is a procedure designed to tighten loose muscles and improve the contours of the body, and at Southern California Center for Sherman Oaks, we perform tummy tuck surgery for those who wish to gain a slimmer and more youthful appearance.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck specifically tightens the abdominal area to improve the appearance of the body’s shape. Those who have excess skin in their midsection may wish to consider an abdominoplasty due to the aesthetic appeal the procedure can create. Typically, a flatter and firmer stomach is viewed as an attractive asset, which means that achieving this ideal can positively change the way we feel about our bodies.

During the procedure, the muscles in the abdomen are tightened and any loose skin is removed, resulting in a stomach that looks flat and toned. Both men and women undergo the tummy tuck procedure to enhance their appearance.

Should I Consider Getting a Tummy Tuck?

For many individuals, a tummy tuck is a personal decision relating to their feelings about their bodies. Those who have lost significant amounts of weight or whose bodies have changed due to pregnancy tend to desire an abdominoplasty in order to improve upon areas that are unable to respond to diet or weight loss.

Other reasons for a tummy tuck include:

  • A protruding belly even with good health
  • Sagging skin that won’t respond to diet or exercise
  • Stretch marks that have appeared from pregnancy or weight gain
  • Loss of midsection contours due to aging

A tummy tuck can help patients eliminate the features they don’t like about their abdomens and create a stomach that looks more aesthetically appealing. Candidates for the tummy tuck procedure are those at an ideal body weight, in general good health and who don’t smoke.

How Can a Tummy Tuck Benefit Me?

Besides enhancing your overall appearance and boosting your confidence, an abdominoplasty can also improve your body’s natural contours, which allows clothes to fit in a more flattering way. The skin surrounding your stomach will also become more firm, creating an abdomen that looks toned and slim.

Receiving an Abdominoplasty with Dr. Husam Elias

There are various types of tummy tuck procedures that are performed today, and the procedure you receive will depend on your individual circumstance. Mini, full, and extended tummy tucks are all options that can help you achieve your surgery goals, but first, Dr. Elias must assess your medical history and general health in order to perform the procedure that is right for you. Dr. Elias will also perform a careful examination to ensure there you have no underlying health problems.

Dr. Elias will recommend the abdominoplasty procedure that he feels will best achieve your desired results and that also aligns with your body type and general health. It is important that you have realistic expectations for your tummy tuck and understand that the procedure will not take the place of good eating habits and routine exercise.

What Happens During the Tummy Tuck Procedure?

To begin your abdominoplasty, you will be placed under IV sedation or general anesthesia. An incision will be made in between the pubic area and the belly button, and its size will be based on the type of tummy tuck you are receiving. An extended tummy tuck will require the longest incision while a mini tummy tucks will require the shortest.

The skin will be lifted and your muscles tightened. Any fatty tissues will also be eliminated to enhance the tummy tuck even further. The lifted skin is then pulled down and sutured, and any excess skin will be trimmed away. A new belly button is created, repositioned on the surface of the skin and sutured into position. 

What Happens After My Tummy Tuck Is Complete?

Most often, your tummy tuck will be an outpatient procedure, but a complete recovery is necessary for the best results. Dr. Elias will provide you with care instructions to help make your recovery as comfortable as possible.

You will experience some swelling and discomfort for a few days, and although you may not want to move, it is best to walk around in order to maintain good circulation throughout your body. You will need to recover for two to four weeks before returning to you daily routine.

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