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The natural proportions of the face can be compromised when placement of one feature is off balance. In the field of plastic surgery, the main features that are off balance are the nose and the ears. Ears can be offset with proportion to the rest of the face and body for a number of reasons; the usual culprits are genetics and traumatic injury. Many of our clients here at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts try everything they can to cover up their ears by wearing concealing hats, cutting their hair or wearing their hair in a particular style. The problem with this short lived solution is that it can be tiring to become hyper-focused and self-conscious of our ears all the time.

Boost Confidence with Otoplasty

Dr. Elias is a board certified and highly experienced maxillofacial plastic surgeon that can help to ease your fears about the proportion, positioning, and size of your ears. Our medical staffworks closely with each patient to help them enter into cosmetic surgery with their eyes and ears open. We are sympathetic to confidence issues when it comes to our client’s feelings about the look of their face and appendages. Dr. Elias cares for each client and wants to help them realize their dreams to live without fear of judgment; he wants you to be happy with your appearance so that you can walk into a room your head held high. Our Otoplasty procedure will take care of the issue for you with a safe procedure that yields the most natural results.

Common Reasons for Otoplasty:

  • Enlarged ears
  • Protruding ears
  • Disproportionate placement of the ears
  • Birth defects (malformed helix, enlarged lobe, bat ear)

Otoplasty Surgical Procedure Details

No matter what your proportions are, Dr. Elias will make sure to take full measurements of the face to align all features and give you the most natural and beautiful ear shape and position you could wish for. This otoplasty procedure can be paired with a variety of other facial plastic surgery procedures to achieve optimal results; should you require repositioning of the nose then a rhinoplasty may be done in combination with this procedure. Dr. Elias will talk with you about all of your options for cosmetic procedures during your complimentary consultation.

Pinning of the Ears

To begin the procedure, you will be required to go under local anesthesia or IV sedation. If you are allergic to anesthetic, Dr. Elias will recommend other options. The next step will be the incisions which are placed behind the ears mostly. Any cartilage reshaping can be done from the front portion of the ear, but will be placed within the folds of the ear to reduce any chance of scarring. Once an incision is made within the anti-helix of the ear (back of the ear), the cartilage is easily exposed, and the surgeon can add permanent stitches in this area to pull the ear into the desired position.

Exterior sutures are then placed on the back of the ear to close. The interiorly placed sutures will not dissolve, but remain in the ears over the client’s lifetime. Any repositioning or changes to the ear opening can be discussed further with Dr. Elias. This ear pinning procedure will help to pull the ears back that are often protruding in many of our clients. This procedure can help improve the look of the ears immediately. Dr. Elias’ background in maxillofacial plastic surgery gives him the complete control and knowledge over the internal structures of the face, muscular anatomy and nerve placement to make sure that every step of this procedure is done with care.

Should you require further changes to the ear such as skin grafting to cover up any particular lesions on the ears or to remove portions of the ear lobes to balance out the shape, Dr. Elias of Southern California Center for Surgical Arts will present a plan for surgery to address these issues. Techniques include:

  • Cartilage excisions
  • Antihelix reconstruction
  • Cartilage thinning
  • Cartilage flap
  • Cavum rotation
  • Lobuloplasty

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

Dr. Elias performs many of these otoplasty surgeries on school children, since these ear protrusions are the cause of many bullying incidents. Generally, otoplasty should be performed on healthy people that are nonsmokers, and are realistic about thier results.

Recovery and Beautiful Results

Comfortable and protective pressure dressings will be placed over the ears once the surgery is complete and the patient will leave these on for a few days. Depending on the type of otoplasty you have done, there may be additional recovery time. There may be some minor swelling and redness around the incisions and the ear itself. These symptoms can take up to a week or so to dissipate, but this is expected. Many of our clients see immediate results since pinning of the ears can be dramatic if the protrusion is severe.

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