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Facial Implants


Growing older can change the way our skin resists gravity, climate changes, and stress. Every tissue in the body has a shelf life, and the skin is the most vulnerable since it’s essentially our protective coating. We have many things to help us keep up appearances and maintain the illusion of youth if the progression is natural; we have topical quick fixes like makeup and medically enhanced creams, minimally invasive injections to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and surgical procedures that can dramatically alter the contours of your face.

Facial Implants Offer 3D Contouring

Our clients at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts come to us with concerns about their facial structure and proportions. In order for us to address these facial contouring changes and to fill the needs of our patients, Dr. Elias recommends facial implants. These facial implants allow Dr. Elias to create pronounced lines of the face in various areas to add a more dramatic effect for volume and shape. These facial implants help people all over the world overcome small concerns with cheekbone structure, weak chin, and soft jaw lines. Dr. Elias can completely restore your facial symmetry with either silicone implants or custom implants made using 3D printing technology created by Dr. Elias for each patient.

Key areas where implants are used:

  • Cheek: The cheeks are often one of the first areas in the face to succumb to facial tissue breakdown in elastin and collagen fibers. Volume loss in the cheeks can make the face seem sunken and can dramatically alter the look of the face. The tissues can change in volume giving the face an older countenance. However, the cheekbones could naturally be shallow or undefined. With these cheek implants, we can alter the projection of these cheekbone angles. We’ve all heard compliments given to others about their bone structure and beautiful cheekbones; we can all achieve this look with facial implants.
  • Chin: It is often highlighted throughout Greek literature, the strong, prominent chin of heroes and it is chiseled into history in the statue of David; strong chins are a mark of beauty and strength. Clients that wish to define their chin and angle this feature can achieve a complete restructuring of the look of the face. A weak chin that is pulled back into the face can create a flatness and disproportionality to everything from the nose, cheeks, eyes and mouth. Weak chin or other birth defects in this area can be remedied with customized 3D chin implants or specified shapes of silicone implants.
  • Jaw: A strong jawline can offer a perfect framing base for the rest of the face. Many of our clients come to us with soft jawlines that could capture all the natural beauty present with their features if it were modified and enhanced. We recommend chin and jaw facial implants to be done together for many of our patients. These two implant types can help to make strong definition changes to capture the proportional angles that will boost confidence and give our patients the look they desire.

Who is a good candidate for facial implant procedure?

As with all of our cosmetic procedures and plastic treatments, we recommend that each client is in good health and has healthy skin without any serious medical conditions that could interfere with these procedures. Healthy candidate recommendations:

  • Non-smoker
  • Healthy
  • In need of chin, cheek or jawline definition
  • Have significant decreased volume
  • Have sustained facial injuries that have compromised bone structure

To Prepare for Surgery

After a full consultation and medical history breakdown, Dr. Husam Elias will devise a treatment plan for you and your chosen facial implant type. Dr. Elias will work on the specific contouring you desire with respect to your natural facial features. A mold and photos will be taken of the specific areas you wish to define or add volume to so that your facial implants may be created. Depending on the amount of implants and their complexity, there may be a waiting period for these molds to be modeled after and your implant to be created. Dr. Elias will recommend that no aspirin is taken two weeks before the surgery takes place and that you drink lots of water beforehand. Hydration of the face and all tissues helps to offer a better base for treatment and augmentation. Healthy tissues create beautiful results.

What happens during facial implant surgery?

During this facial implant surgery, you will be given a local anesthesia to start. Once you’re under and ready for surgery, Dr. Elias will begin drawing guidelines for incisions and with regard to the placement of your implant(s). An incision is made using the guidelines that were previous drawn, and a small area is cleared for the implant. Dr. Elias will place the implant using a safe tool, directly over the bone for the most effective base structure and support. Once the implant has been placed, and the positioning is correct, Dr. Husam Elias can close the incision with dissolvable or non-dissolvable sutures.

Results and Aftercare

The incision sites will be dressed with protective bandages for complete recovery and healing without infection after your procedure. There may be some pain and swelling in the area, but this is expected, and we can offer a specified medication to help ease this discomfort. Dr. Elias will talk with you about this step before the surgery begins to explain your full recovery with respect to the areas you wish to place facial implants. Full recovery can take anywhere from one month to two months total. Your activity will need to be limited and careful angling of the face will be stressed to avoid damage to the implant placement.

The lower half of the face is often the main source of cosmetic concern for our clients as they explore their cosmetic surgery options. Facial injections and laser treatments can help to slow the signs of aging on the surface, but often we need to go deeper to help capture a long-lasting change. Facial fillers are permanent throughout one’s lifetime and can be changed or altered depending on your health conditions or injury that should come to the face. Facial implants are not just for elective cosmetic concerns, but for serious injuries that can alter the face and cause distress.

Note: Dr. Elias is skilled in maxillofacial plastic surgery and will be the best option for you to provide this implant surgery. The muscles and internal nerve network in the face are very delicate and should only be treated by an expert in the field of facial plastic surgery focus.

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