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Breast Reduction


If you have larger breasts, then you know that some activities may be more difficult to perform than others because of them. Running, jumping and exercising in general can be uncomfortable or embarrassing when your breasts run larger than the natural proportions of the rest of your body. Many women would say that their counterparts with larger breasts are lucky when others are born with smaller breasts; however, larger breasts can also lead to some physical health complications that can make it difficult to walk or perform normal daily activities. Back pain is one of the most common complaints of having larger breasts.

Larger Breasts and Back Pain

Back pain results from too much pressure on the spine to curve forward to support the weight of larger breasts. Many of these clients incur back pain and shoulder pain that accompanies bra wear as well. The only way to completely reduce back and shoulder pain from overly large breasts is to have them reduced. At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we offer breast reduction surgery for our clients so that they can become more confident in their normal activities without feeling self-conscious about the size and shape of their breasts compared to a smaller body frame. With reduced breasts, women feel more confident to shop for clothing which will be much easier after this elective surgery.

Breast Reduction of Glandular and Fatty Tissues

Dr. Elias of Southern California Center for Surgical Arts can help women suffering from this issue with specific reduction procedures to help reduce the breast tissue, fatty tissues in the breasts and reducing the overall glandular tissues. During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Elias will offer a full body dimensional measurement that will account for all the proportions of the body so that he can devise a custom plan for breast reduction. Breast reduction will not only remove the breast tissues to reduce the size of the breasts, but reshaping of the breasts, symmetry and reshaping of the areola nipple complex.

Before surgery begins, Dr. Elias will make sure that every patient going into this breast reduction surgery at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts is fully informed of every detail involved in the surgery. The breast reduction is a great relief to many of the patients that come in to see Dr. Husam Elias. With his expert background in plastic surgery, Dr. Elias has performed over three hundred of these breast reduction surgeries with the most natural contouring and proportions given to each client.

Breast Reduction Improved the Quality of Life

We understand that out clients come to us to help them achieve relief with their burden of larger breasts. No longer will our clients have to worry about shopping for hours to find loose fitting clothing that doesn’t compliment their natural body shape. When larger breasts are reduced, they feel much more confident and can honestly say that their quality of life is much improved. 

Incisions Involved in Breast Reduction

Depending on the desires of the patient and the measurements takes of the body proportions, more or less of the breast tissue can be removed. The incisions of the breasts during breast reduction surgery can vary, but the two main breast reduction incisions are the anchor or T-shaped incisions or the vertical, lollipop, incision.

The T-shaped or anchor incision requires the removal of skin below the breast and around the natural nipple areola complex. This particular incision is most effective on the largest breast because the nipple areola complex is far too large to sustain on a new breast shape. During this part of the breast reduction surgery, the nipple areola complex is reduced significantly as well. This reduction in the breast tissue will allow for an excision of the skin around the breast to help reshape and form the new breast.

Lollipop incisions are done with large breasts, but those on the smaller scale that don’t need as much of the skin and tissues removed. If the breast reduction is a smaller reduction, but the same integrity and shape of the original breasts are wanted, this type of incision will just remove the skin above the nipple in a lollipop shape. The skin removed allows for a perfect lift of the nipple into place for a breast lift and reduction in the previous amount of excess skin and tissue.

Recovery time is the same for breast reduction surgery as for breast lift. Every patient is closed with dissolvable and non-dissolvable stitches. These stitches are then covered with dressings to assure that the breast surgery and all incisions have time to heal completely. A compression bra will be given to each client to make sure that the breasts are supported throughout the healing process. Depending on the amount of skin and tissue removed, swelling and bruising or pain can vary. Medications can be prescribed to help ease the healing process discomfort. The recovery time for clients is anywhere from two to three months. In the case of breast reduction, results are seen almost right away.

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