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Arm Lift


Whether it’s because of age, weight loss or gravity, the skin on our arms can lose its elasticity and begin to sag over time. For many people, drooping skin is an unattractive quality that detracts from their physical appearance, and although diet and exercise help, there is only so much it can do to prevent sagging skin. Fortunately, arm lift surgery is available as a treatment option for eliminating excess skin, and Dr. Husam Elias performs the procedure at the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts for patients who wish to renew their arm’s natural contour.

What Is an Arm Lift?

A brachioplasty, more commonly known as an “arm lift” is a surgical procedure that excises sagging tissue from the upper arm, which causes the skin to lift and tighten. The result is a toned arm that also looks more attractive. People receive arm lifts for various reasons, but it usually stems from a loss in skin elasticity in the arm. Significant weight loss, age and heredity all have to do with sagging skin.


How Can I Benefit from an Arm Lift?

As with all body contouring procedures, the goal of an arm lift is to reshape the skin in order to enhance the physical appearance. Individuals who have sagging skin under their arms may feel self-conscious about wearing short-sleeve or sleeveless shirts and may make an effort to cover themselves due to their appearance. An arm lift can restore self-confidence and contribute to the body looking slimmer as a whole.

Post-bariatric patients benefit particularly from arm-lift surgery, since the large amount of weight lost tends to leave skin hanging from the body. An arm lift as a part of an entire body contouring cosmetic procedure can help patients receive the body they have worked so hard to achieve.

Other benefits of an arm lift include:

  • Tightened skin
  • A finishing touch for bariatric weight loss
  • Easier mobility
  • Arms that feel lighter
  • Feeling more attractive
  • Better-fitting shirts
  • A more youthful-looking body

Overall, patients who have received arm lift surgery not only see an improvement in their body’s appearance, but in their personal life as well. Good candidates for an arm lift are those who are in good general health, actively seeking a healthy lifestyle, don’t smoke and have realistic expectations for the procedure. Although drooping skin tends to come with age, if you have significant skin laxity in your upper arms, an arm lift may be right for you regardless of how old you are.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Before surgery can begin, Dr. Elias must look over your medical history and make sure you have no underlying health problems. Once he has determined that you are a good candidate for arm lift surgery, he will choose the best incision for your specific procedure. The incision that is made depends on the location of the excess skin and the amount that needs to be removed, but typically, incisions run from the armpit to the elbow in order to make any scarring as discreet as possible. Dr. Elias will mark the arms where he plans to make the incision.

During surgery, you will either be put under IV sedation or general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia used will depend on your health and the specifics of your procedure. Dr. Elias will make the incision and trim off any excess fat. Liposuction may also be used in conjunction with arm lift surgery to achieve desired results. After the incision is made and the excess eliminated, the skin will be tightened and reshaped. Sutures are placed once the surgery is finished.

What Is the Recovery Like?

Immediately after surgery, dressings are applied and the arms may be wrapped in a compression sleeve in order to alleviate any swelling. Dr. Elias will give you specific care instructions so that you can recover as comfortably as possible, and he will prescribe pain medication for you to take while you heal.

You will have some scarring on your arms from the incisions, and Dr. Elias will provide topical solutions to minimize its appearance. The results of the arm lift should be apparent immediately, but even though your arms may look healed, it will take up to six weeks before you can begin your daily routine once again. Be mindful not to subject your incisions to excessive force or motion, and as long as you maintain a regular exercise routine and remain in good health, the results of your arm lift should be permanent.

Within weeks, you can feel free to wear the clothes you want and show off your new toned arms. If you have excess skin drooping from your upper arms and are interested in regaining a more attractive appearance, contact Dr. Husam Elias and schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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