What Type of Implants Should I Get?

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The hottest summer months are in full force and for Californians that generally means days spent lounging beachside. But if the thought of wearing that itty, bitty two-piece leaves you feeling uncomfortable, you may miss out on some of your favorite warm-weather activities. With the help of Dr. Elias from Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, you can enhance your bikini body and get that extra oomph you’ve been lacking with a breast augmentation procedure.

Breast Augmentation

The decision to undergo a breast augmentation is an incredibly personal one, as your unique curves and entire feminine physique must be taken into consideration. Our compassionate team understands that your needs and aesthetic goals are your own, which is why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all breast procedure.

We want to know what you envision your new figure to look like so we can work with you to craft beautiful breasts that fit your identity. There are many different decisions to make prior to receiving a breast augmentation, but perhaps one of the most important is the type of implant.

Saline vs. Silicone Implants

Our Sherman Oaks practice offers both saline and silicone implants. Both types are actually made up of an outer silicone shell, but the material, consistency and final result can all differ.

Saline-filled implants are available to women 18 and older and are generally the cheaper of the two options. This type of implant is filled with a sterile solution made of saltwater. Dr. Elias will insert saline implants empty and fill them up once they are safely in place. This allows the implants to be filled to the volume of your liking. Saline-filled implants are firmer than the silicone type, and require a smaller incision since the implants are filled after the capsule is placed inside the breast.

Silicone-filled implants, on the other hand, are only available to women 21 years or older. These are filled with a silicone gel and are often preferred by patients for their more natural feeling. The gel of the silicone implants allows for a more cushioned feeling, rather than the firmness of the saline option.

In addition to the traditional silicone type, we also offer another silicone gel-filled implant called a gummy bear implant. Just like its name, this type of implant feels just like a jelly gummy bear. Both regular silicone implants and gummy bear implants require an incision that is a little larger than saline implants, since they are filled prior to inserting and placing them onto the breasts.

Discussing Your Options

When you come in for a consultation, you have the option to try on each kind of implant. While every implant type we offer is completely safe and effective, not every option is right for you. Dr. Elias will talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of both silicone and saline implants and encourage you to ask many questions.

A breast augmentation can boost your confidence and overall appearance, but we hope you’ll take the necessary time to consider which implant type is best for your needs. If you’re ready to get the proportions you’ve been seeking, call Southern California Center for Surgical Arts today at 818-616-6685.

3 Ways to be Bikini Ready This Summer

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Summer is officially here, and that means long days of lounging beachside with your favorite gal pals. As a woman, your physique is accentuated by your body’s unique curves and shapely breasts. But when the size, proportion or setting of your breasts cause you to lose self-confidence, it can feel impossible to rock your favorite two piece.

Whether through aging, genetics, major weight fluctuation or childbearing, the appearance of your breasts can transform over time. When these lifestyle changes begin to affect the size, shape and volume of your breasts, it may be time to consider a cosmetic breast procedure.

At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, our team of dedicated surgical artists can boost your femininity. Our practice offers three different ways to achieve beautiful-looking breasts that fit your needs.

Breast Augmentation

If you suffer from breasts that are too small or disproportionate from one another, or have undergone a mastectomy, you may benefit from receiving breast implants. Also known as an augmentation mammoplasty, this surgical procedure is beneficial for women wanting to increase the size and volume of their breasts.

With a breast augmentation by Dr. Elias, you can expect nothing but the best. He understands that every body is unique and will take the time to discuss with you the implant and placement options. Both our saline and silicone-filled implants are safe and effective, and it really comes down to your preference on how they look and feel. Breast enhancement patients can expect a full recovery within three to six months following the procedure.

Breast Lift

When aging and extreme weight loss cause your breast tissues to weaken and sag, a surgical lift can be an easy solution. Also known as a mastopexy, a breast lift can get rid of the sagging skin and raise the breasts to a new position. By reshaping the tissues, this procedure also provides a slight increase in volume and symmetrical placement.

It’s important to note that a breast lift does not necessarily guarantee full volume restoration, but instead is a great first step to lifting the breasts into a higher position. Should you desire more dramatic results, Dr. Elias may recommend implants with your breast lift.

Breast Reduction

Women with overly large breasts know that certain activities, like running and other exercises, can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Having too large of breasts can even lead to physical health complications that can make it difficult to walk and perform normal activities. In fact, one of the most common complaints of patients with large breasts is daily back pain.

For these reasons and more, women often turn to SCCSA for a breast reduction. This procedure can not only reduce overall breast size, but also reshape the breasts and add symmetry to the areola nipple complex. In an individualized consultation with Dr. Elias, you will receive a full body dimensional measurement to determine the correct proportions for your body. Following the recovery period, almost all of our patients describe the reduction as a great relief. Find Rejuvenation

We believe that every woman’s body is unique and should be celebrated. With the help of Dr. Elias, you can create a feminine physique you are proud of. Here at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, your vision matters and our team will sit down with you to discuss and fully understand your aesthetic goals.

To see if a cosmetic breast procedure is right for you, give us a call at 818-616-6685.

Confidence in Time for Date Night

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When we say we can help you boost your confidence in time for date night at SCCSA, that can mean any night that you spend practicing self-love—or those you spend with your significant other. Dr. Elias knows that confidence can change the way you take on a room and for our female clients, we can help with that. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about what you can do to modify your outer physical appearance, but how you will use that to support a better way of life. Living a healthy and beautiful lifestyle can only happen with a full heart, strong mind and openness. Breast enhancements can get you there and so many women are curious about what goes into breast augmentation; you probably want to know what your options are and how to make the right choice. Remember, it’s not about the size of your breasts; it’s about you and what you want to see.

Breast Enhancement to Match Your Beauty Goals

Your list of beauty goals is probably a long one that you’ve carefully notated for years, but haven’t found the time to address. Playing with the idea of breast augmentation can lead you through a long road of research, but it’s necessary to make sure you know what you want. Breast tissue is fragile and since it’s not a muscular area, this tissue starts to sag when ligaments holding the breast in a lifted position are weighed down. If you’ve been pregnant, you know exactly what we mean since your breasts fill with milk and you gain a few pounds. Pregnancy hormones and weight cause the tissues to expand and become heavy; so this weight on your chest is a lot to bear.

As soon as you’ve had the child and lost some of the weight, you’ll notice the breasts are not as upright on your chest as they used to be. Breast enhancement can get you out of that post-baby slump or help you contour the body if you’ve lost a lot of weight recently. While pregnancy and weight gain will accelerate sagging and lost volume, lax skin just happens the older you become, and your self-confidence takes a hit. Feeling better about your appearance can help you match your beauty goals and feel empowered to get through the rest of the things on your list.

Aug vs. Lift?

Seeing some loose skin and a slight drop in the breasts is normal and you should know that; but how much sagging is too much for you? If you feel hyper aware of this loose skin and find that you have to constantly adjust your breasts within your bra cup throughout the day, then you probably need a breast lift. Dr. Elias explains the difference in a variety of ways, based on your breasts, that are unique to you. You have to know what you’re comfortable with and find that happy place when you can say you feel good each day. Your breast lift procedure will remove all that extra skin, reshape the nipples and pull them breasts up.

Women with smaller breasts throughout their lifetime may not see too much of this sagging issue, so you probably just want to focus on increasing that size. Breast augmentation can do that for you without a lift, so if you don’t need it then stick with an augmentation. This procedure is great because there’s limited scarring with small incisions. You get more volume and contour depending on the type of implant and texture or shape you choose.

Implant Types at SCCSA and Options for Placement

There are two implant types we use here at SCCSA, which are the saline-filled and silicone-filled implants. One type may feel more natural than the other for you when you come in for your consultation, as you try them on and find out what size is the better option. Implants are a safe and fun choice for women because, if it’s done right then they’ll look completely natural and perfectly matched to your body. Silicone are a gelled implant that matches breast tissue fairly accurately, and saline is a bit more fluid since they’re composed of a liquid base. Silicone has a few more options with shape and texture since they are molded and can stay in one position while saline needs to move a bit and are a little more firm.

As we discussed above, the incisions for placement are underneath the armpit, through the underside of the breast fold or around the nipple. Saline implants require a smaller incision since Dr. Elias will fill the capsule inside the breast tissue. Silicone may require a slightly larger incision based on their full size before placement. Again, while the incisions and scar expected for breast augmentation with implants are small, you’ll need to make sure that this is the procedure that will suit you.

…or Both?

We’ve talked about breast lift and augmentation separately, but what about combining the procedures? Having both breast augmentation and a breast lift at the same time can address both concerns about the shape of your breast tissue and position of your breasts. Dr. Elias only encourages patients to have procedures that will enhance their lives. So if you have already decided on one procedure or the other, he will explain the benefit of adding augmentation or lift to that list if necessary.

At the end of this journey, how you feel is important which is why these options exist. Your breasts are your own so if you feel more confident about date night after your procedure that’s great and we support that desire. However, a lift may have a larger scar than augmentation, so we will talk about that as we plan. The next thing that you’ll want to focus on is the recovery time needed for both procedures. If you make that commitment and that’s reasonable for your lifestyle, then let’s book the appointment.

How long is my recovery?

Combining breast augmentation and lift means you’ll have one combined recovery period, which is a plus for some women. If you choose to have these procedures separately, then that’s fine too–you’re unique. Breast augmentation recovery involves a waiting period to see a reduction of swelling and slight bruising in the tissue, so you’re looking at three to six weeks for that. Once the swelling and bruising go down, then it’s time to allow the implants to settle if you have them. This healing period may take months, but you can go back to work in a couple of weeks. We say three to six months to see the final shape and sensitivity go down.

In consultation with Dr. Elias, all of these questions are answered and more by calling Southern California Center for Surgical Arts at 818-616-6685.

How To Prepare For Cosmetic Surgery

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If you’ve decided to take the next steps for cosmetic surgery, we’re happy for you and can’t wait for you to see a positive change. Dr. Elias sees so many patients each week that are hoping for that same outcome, but their reasons are entirely different and yours may be too. Cosmetic surgery has the potential to correct serious injury and trauma to your skin and structures, those that have had a significant impact on your appearance. These surgeries help people to correct congenital disabilities that are a constant issue and those that only want to turn back the clock.

The gem that ties all of these reasons together and why you’ve decide to have cosmetic surgery, is that life is enhanced because of it. Dr. Husam Elias dedicates his life to cosmetic surgery, helping people just like you move forward with their lives with confidence and agency. If you have confidence and feel great about your appearance, then the possibilities for you are endless. Over the years of his life and practice, Dr. Husam Elias has seen his patients blossom as their comfort increases and they feel ready to go out and mingle with the world.

So how to prepare for surgery, now that you’ve decided that this is what you need to live well and what will reduce your social stress?

Lifestyle Changes Leading Up to Cosmetic Surgery

As soon as you’ve decided to look into cosmetic surgery, the last deciding factor is to find out if you’re the right candidate for the surgery. What that classification truly means is that these surgeries are designed for people that live healthy lifestyles. Dr. Elias wants you to see and feel long lasting benefits when you decide to have surgery. If you’re someone that doesn’t plan to quit smoking or doesn’t take care of your skin, then the results of cosmetic surgery won’t last; you may even be put at high risk for infection and complications down the line.

Cosmetic surgery can provide you with great results if you take care of yourself. Our job is to improve your life, not to make it worse. That being said, there are some lifestyle changes you will need to make to be the perfect candidate for these surgeries. These guidelines are ultimately for you and your health so take these suggestions to heart and make the change before surgery. A few things you should look to change:

  • An unbalanced or unhealthy diet
  • Boost your activity if you lead a sedentary lifestyle
  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce your drinking, especially if you’re going in for surgery
  • Take care to lower stress and improve your mental well-being

Physical health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. However, a clear head can help you understand why you want to pursue cosmetic surgery and make the right decision. Lifestyle changes like fueling your body with healthy foods and increasing your activity can improve your mindset. At SCCSA, Dr. Elias focuses on the mind and body connection so that you feel ready to have surgery and can recovery nicely. Get started on some of these small changes and see how you feel in a couple of weeks then schedule your appointment with us.

Appointments and Check-Ins With Your Surgeon

As soon as you make your appointment for a surgical consultation with Dr. Elias, you’re part of the SCCSA family and that means personalized care throughout the surgery. Dr. Elias will check in with you after each phase of treatment and make himself available to you for questions as you make adjustments to your surgical plan and in recovery. You want to know that the surgeon you decide to work with is one that will check in and help you through any issues you encounter.

Preparing for Recovery

In recovery, there may be days that you need some extra help and we want to make sure that you have that. Dr. Elias recommends creating a list of your potential support team, such as friends and family that can drive you home after surgery or sit with you the first day back. Recovery is different for everyone and some may require more or less time. Dr. Elias and his medical staff will give you everything you need before the surgery to plan ahead and some things to take home with you once you’re done.

To find out more about what cosmetic surgery can do for you at SCCSA, call our front desk today at 818-616-6685.

Making an Impression Throughout the New Year

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Many of our surgical patients come to us from all over the Los Angeles and Valley areas with a list of things they want to enhance or improve. For our female clients, making an impression throughout the New Year is one of the most important things on their list and that list usually includes breast augmentation. Of course, the particular benefits and whether or not everyone is a candidate for breast augmentation is something we always want to bring to your attention.

Dr. Elias is constantly talking to his clients post-procedure about their experiences with breast augmentation so that he can share that with each and every one of you. Surgical benefits are not strictly health related but can also benefit your mind and spirit. At SCCSA, our goal is to bring you joy and enhance your lifestyle in any way we can. So if you want to make an impression this year, we’ll help you make it a lasting one with breast augmentation.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Confidence and comfort are two of the first things that may come to mind when we think of breast augmentation. Your breast shape and size are unique to you, but there are symmetrical qualities we can address with a breast augmentation that many women are unaware. While breast implants can increase the size of your breasts, they can also create an even contour for your body type and improve the shaping of the breasts. Some women find that the amount of offset breast tissue in one breast from the other is significant, and Dr. Elias can change that as he adds implants and redistributes the tissues.

Finally getting the look of rounded and shapely breasts that accentuate your body type can help you go after your dreams. Many women find that they discover the fire within themselves to get that new job or finally ask the man of their dreams out on a date (we’re forward thinking here). Well-done breast augmentations are a movement for women. Be empowered to choose beautiful breasts that show just the right amount of proportioned cleavage you want to get that blouse you’ve been eyeing. Remember it’s all about you!

Health Conditions a Breast Aug Can Address

While many of the health conditions that breast augmentation addresses are psychological, these are just as important as physical health conditions. For example, our patients that have previously had a mastectomy and want to work on the reconstruction of the breasts alongside implants, these procedures can have a lasting impact on their lives. Dr. Elias treats his work as a detailed and visionary plastic surgeon and artist, where each procedure speaks to the individual.

While these decisions can be difficult to make and to understand how to go about them even more so, augmentation can add to your happiness. When you feel comfortable and beautiful, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your full potential in every aspect of life. Breast augmentation can reduce symptoms of depression so you can be more social and connect with more people to build your social circle.

Keeping the Shape, You’re Meant to Have

While you think about the look you’re hoping for during consultation for breast implants and options for augmentation, you should reflect on the natural qualities of your look. Dr. Elias takes detailed measurements to maintain your shape and enhance what you already have. You don’t want to look overdone or disproportionate. While larger breasts can seem like the best option, you may not feel that way later, and balance is always the key. Embrace your shape and keep that shape because you were meant to have it. It’s all about loving yourself first.

To enhance your breasts and improve your confidence, call SCCSA to schedule your breast augmentation consultation at 818-696-4425.

What To Know Before Your First Visit

plastic surgery candidate

Whenever you decide to pop into your surgeon’s office for a consultation, there is probably a list of things you’ll need to bring with you to make sure you and your surgeon share the right information with one another. Every piece of information counts and these are the keys to success when consulting so that Dr. Elias has all the information he needs to determine whether the surgery is the right one. When you set up your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Elias at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we will tell you which items to bring so that you’re fully prepared.

While these pieces of information are helpful to determine the fit of the surgery, they also allow you to better prepare with any questions you might have for Dr. Elias. To start, we like for every patient to bring in a list of their current medications and any X-rays taken by referring physicians. Any reconstructive surgeries with a particular medical history are best performed with all information ready to go.

The questions you have are addressed during your first meeting with Dr. Elias, and we encourage you to bring them, so you feel ready to move forward with surgery. We are only as successful as your experience from the first moment you walk in until your procedure is complete. We also want you to know that you have the opportunity to check out all of our before and after photos, so you know what to expect.

Recap of what to bring with you on your first visit:

  • List of your most current medications
  • Copy of your insurance information
  • List of questions you have for Dr. Elias
  • Referral slip and any previous radiographs, CT scans or MRI if needed

Am I a candidate for surgery?

One of the most common questions that we have and address is whether or not you will be the best candidate for the surgery. As long as you are healthy and a nonsmoker without prior conditions that could affect the outcome of the surgery, you’re a great fit! Certain procedures do have requirements such as those for liposuction since we encourage patients to have tried healthy weight loss before looking into fat reduction. For a surgery like this, if we remove excess fat from the body it doesn’t mean you cannot gain the weight back. Liposuction requires that you make a lifestyle change to keep the weight off and it’s important that we don’t offer you a surgery that will have risks if it’s not necessary.

What lifestyle changes will I need to make?

We want you to achieve the results you want from your surgical procedures, and that means only offering you the right surgery for your lifestyle. As mentioned before, we like to make sure that clients are paired accurately with their surgical procedures and that we don’t perform an unnecessary surgery or that we do it at the right time. Liposuction candidates are encouraged to make a lifestyle change such as committing to a healthier diet with daily exercise to maintain a healthy weight or be quite close to the reduced weight they’re hoping to achieve.

Any facelift procedure will not last as long as you expect unless you stop smoking. Smoking isn’t the best thing for your skin and will cause increased aging even after you’ve asked for a surgical lift and tightening of the skin. Being realistic about what is possible and the lifespan on a procedure is important, but that begins with your lifestyle. So make these decisions with care, and we can help with the rest.

Now you know what you need to bring with you and what to expect from surgical procedures at SCCSA, so give us a call and make your appointment today at 818-616-6685.

How Reducing Your Breasts Could Save Your Life

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It might seem strange to think that women with larger breasts might not be as fond of them as you may think. While many female patients consider larger breast enhancements for a more aesthetically pleasing look, there are a few things about the proportion of the breast to body ratio best explored beforehand. A decision such as a breast enlargement is always carefully discussed with all patients here at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts as Dr. Husam Elias works with a variety of women with varying needs.

If you’re a patient that suffers from back, neck and shoulder pain due to larger sized breasts compared to your body proportions, Dr. Elias may recommend breast reduction surgery. Breast reducing surgery could save your life by minimizing the years of discomfort and posture changes that are bound to happen over time. While larger breasts may seem like the point of breast enhancement, think about the weight bearing issues they can also cause even when they may look great.

The Weight Bearing Issue

Weight bearing issues are very real problems for women with larger breasts because breasts composed of soft tissues are quite heavy, believe it or not. Larger breasts are formed on women of every shape and size, even when their upper body isn’t equipped with the strongest muscles to support them. Your breasts have no muscle within the breast itself, and only the chest area where the breasts sit has muscle; each breast is tethered to these chest wall muscles by rope-like ligaments that are fibrous connective tissues. These ligaments are not meant to hold on to heavy things for an extended period and gradually lose their ability to remain tight and secure.

Once the breasts begin to sag, which they do as soon as they’re too large for the body, these ligaments stretch, and the weight of the breasts bears down on the shoulders, neck, and back. Everything starts to hurt and becomes uncomfortable at this point, which is something many of Dr. Elias’ patients complain about when their breasts have been oversized their whole lives. Not only will the upper back and neck suffer, but the pain radiates down the whole of the back and adds great strain on the lower back creating functional problems as time goes on.

Bra straps can cause rubbing and burning, sometimes tearing through the skin and making it difficult to move around or exercise with large breasts. Finally, confidence is lower in women with breast discomfort because they cannot wear the bras they want to or are constantly aware of the large size unable able to wear the clothing they like. If you feel like this is you, Dr. Elias will encourage you to consider breast reduction seriously.

It’s Safer to Get Them Reduced Than to Keep Them Over Time

As you consider breast reduction over the years, you might wonder if this procedure is a safe decision to make. The truth is you would be much healthier if you had your breasts reduced than to keep them over time. Thinking about your health and the sacrifice you’re making each day with extreme pain and slouching, not to mention every activity you avoid because of your breasts, a reduction will save you. Dr. Elias will explain any potential risks that may come from breast reduction, but the overall relief it brings is unbelievable to most patients.

Freedom from reduced breasts comes as soon as the surgery is over and you will feel this weight lifted from your body. During the surgery, every tissue in the breasts including glandular tissues, skin, and fat are removed. Before any incisions are made a detailed plan for breast reduction is created between you and Dr. Elias to make sure the proportions of your newly shaped, balanced breasts meet your expectations.

SCCSA is ready to help you achieve your goal of improved comfort and confidence for the rest of your life with breast reduction. Call our office at 818-616-6685 to learn more.

Plastic Surgery Shaming: It’s Not Okay

Depending on the amount of exposure you’ve had to cosmetic surgical procedures, you may or may not know how common they are or what purpose they serve for patients all over the world. At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we want to talk about a serious topic that causes unnecessary stress for our patients and countless others—plastic surgery shaming; it’s not okay.

Television shows and major motion pictures paint plastic surgery in a less than positive light with characters portraying overdone treatments such as disproportionate and over plump lips, oversized breasts or unrealistically tight facelifts. Plastic surgery isn’t like this at all, and it’s unfair to judge people interested in surgery because you may not know what their reasons are.

Why it Isn’t Okay

It’s important to know that plastic surgery is about making the most naturally appearing results something to look forward to for people that experience reduced self-esteem and physical pain. Plastic surgery isn’t just about looking good, although that’s a positive aspect, it’s also about making someone’s life easier and pleasant. Before you think about passing judgment, understanding what goes into these procedures and why may offer you some insight that will change your perspective.

Plastic surgery can help people suffering from congenital defects or serious injuries such as scars and disfigurement. These procedures help women with excess breast tissue save their backs from lifelong stress, pain, and social discomfort. Plastic surgery can help someone with large ears or an asymmetrical nose from embarrassment, breathing issues and lowered self-esteem. It’s not just for one particular group of people or another, and it’s not always for the same reason. By judging a person for their decision to have plastic surgery done, you’re making it difficult for them to improve their situation. Be respectful.

How it Affects Women of All Ages (Even Young)

Girls grow into the women we see around us every day and criticism on body image can cause serious mental stress. If there’s something we can change to help them become more confident women as they grow or continue as strong leaders in the community, then plastic surgery can give them that. Unfortunately, the world is cruel, and the physical is often prized over substance. Plastic surgery isn’t just about that, though, we promote well-being and never make our patients look overdone. We help them understand the beauty in their unique appearance. While we can enhance beauty with surgical and nonsurgical procedures, we cannot replace wellness in the mind and spirit. The more support we give our women to modify only what’s needed to help them feel powerful throughout their lives is what we will offer.

Surgical and nonsurgical procedures should be more openly talked about so that the positive benefits patients receive are better known. We take time and care at SCCSA under the direction of Dr. Husam Elias to share these ideas and information. If you’re someone who is considering any of these procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift or anti-aging injections, call to schedule your appointment with Southern California Center for Surgical Arts today at 818-616-6685.

It Isn’t a Procedure; it’s an Art-Breast Augmentation

The feminine physique is accentuated by the unique curves of the body and proportion of the breasts to these curves. Women value the size, proportion, and setting of their breasts because they help them build their confidence and often support their identity as beautiful and strong women. So, no, breast augmentation isn’t a procedure; it’s an art. Dr. Elias, at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts (SCCSA), knows exactly what his female patients need when it comes to breast augmentations because he talks with them, sits down and has conversations about the vision they have for their perfect breasts. Here at SCCSA, your dreams matter, and we have the surgical artist that has studied the specific beauty in creating beautiful breasts from those that once were at their peak, those that have gone through cancer removal and those that needed a little lift.

Why Breast Aug’s Aren’t Box Jobs

Breast augmentations are a specific procedure done only by surgeons that know how to mold breast tissue, how to create unique areola nipple complexes and those that know what the best possibly look for their patient will be based on their surgical expertise and the desires of their patients. Most people think of breast augmentations as a surgery that adds a couple of implants filled with one of two options, silicone or trusty old saline. But if we think about breast augmentations as simply a plugin of implants just for a boost in size, we’re missing the point of breast aug’s. Our patients are women that have gone through multiple pregnancies, women that have had breast cancer and beat it!

When we look into our breast augmentations that we offer our patients, it’s not just about the tissues but it’s about how we put them together to change lives. When Dr. Elias works with our patients to craft their breasts, there are specific choices we make in whether or not we use fat grafting techniques to make breasts look and feel as natural as possible. The incisions we make are sure to hide any scarring and the delicate way we assemble newly cut skin to reduce stretching excess, can lovingly wrap breast tissue like a gift. Like every woman, each breast that Dr. Elias restructures, lift and enhances is unique to our patients. He creates the most custom look for each woman that they can be proud of each day for years to come.

Every Body is Different

During your consultation for breast augmentation, our staff welcomes you to our office with excitement because you’re about to take one of the beautiful journeys in plastic surgery. Your breast augmentation is created to take into account all the complex measurements of your body, yes your particular shape. Because every body is different, you can be confident in your choice to work with Dr. Husam Elias. At SCCSA we will work with you to craft 3D images and animations of what your breasts might look like once you’ve made a few crucial decisions on the size, best shape and how they sit on the body. Once you’ve decided on these things and feel confident about these decisions, Dr. Elias will make the magic happen.

Call SCCSA today to schedule your consultation with the magic hands of Dr. Elias at 818-616-6685.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

We love October, not just for the changing weather but because along with it comes Halloween and all those pink ribbons as a reminder for our women to have their breast exams. At this time we remember all of the men and women that have had breast cancer; we also happily acknowledge those who have fought breast cancer and won! This is both a time for remembrance and a time for confident strides in the medical field so that we can reduce the number of people plagued with breast cancer. At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, Dr. Elias shares any tips he can about breast cancer awareness and offers some in clinic exams before performing any type of breast surgery.

The Importance of Early Screenings

For most women, 80% of women to be exact, breast cancer is inherited, meaning that it is present in their family history. So it’s important to know your history and ask questions as early as you can. On average, women in their 40’s should begin having mammograms, but if you know it’s prevalent in your family then earlier is better. No matter if you have breast cancer in your family or not, you should have a mammogram on schedule and at the recommended time to avoid any complications later. If we can catch breast cancer in its earliest stages, the better we can prepare to combat it. Don’t fall into the habit of avoiding something like breast cancer and thinking it won’t effect you.

At Home Self-Exams

Performing your own self-examinations throughout your lifetime is one of the best ways to stay mindful of your body and to detect anything early enough to make that appointment. A physician will, of course, be able to help you define any big-ticket concerns, but you know your body best. The most important thing is to feel your breasts once in a while to check in with them, think about it in the shower or before you head off to sleep. Any small check in helps you identify when any change in the texture of your breasts is off by any degree.

Men Can Get Breast Cancer, But It’s Uncommon

If you plan to perform these small self-check-in exams at home first, you should be aware of the nipple and any rashes or skin changes that occur; if any larger lumps feel out of place or if you experience any pain in the breasts. Remember that the average age is about 40 years old, but there could be an abnormality earlier in life. According to the National Breast Cancer Society, only 1% of men in the world will get breast cancer, so the number is small, but men should still check on any changes as well. For men, these breast cancer signs are found in the nipple area.

Treatment Options

Women are usually the ones affected by breast cancer, but for any men out there in that 1% statistic, there are specific treatment options for all. The first round of treatment is an aggressive form of surgery to remove the area in the breast tissue where these cancerous cells live, and the other common therapy is radiation treatment. Radiation treatment is a way to target these cancerous cells without removing the tissue directly; multiple treatment sessions can reduce the immune system to break down these cells and this too is aggressive but known to get rid of these cancer cells efficiently. Depending on the radiation approach, there are external or internal applications of the radiation therapy.

Further down the road, there may be options of chemotherapy which is a chemically induced expulsion of cancer cells; chemotherapy is a next step treatment since it moves throughout the body when cancer cells are well on their way throughout the blood stream, so it’s not specific to the breasts, but everywhere. Hormone and targeted therapy as well which involves hormone blockers introduced to the body that targets estrogen involved in the growth of particular types of cancer cells. Your oncologist will prescribe or administer medications that will help your body control the amount of estrogen synthesized. Targeted therapy is like chemo in a way, but it doesn’t work on the entire body and an all-cell inclusive type treatment. These targeted therapies in breast cancer treatments focus on a specific type of cancer cell and go after it with similar chemotherapy drugs. Talk to your doctor about your best chance and options of beating breast cancer.

Post-Treatment Options

For women and men that have gone through breast cancer treatments and have gone into remission, it’s a victory, but it’s a fight that is life-long. First things first, we celebrate but then move on to a post-treatment game plan. When you’ve been through breast cancer and have survived, you know what it’s like so from this point on you’re aware. Have regular exams, mammograms, bone density tests and blood tests. Stay on top of your post-treatment progress so that your body is monitored. When you’ve been through chemo and radiation therapies, you’ve been through the ringer, so rehabilitation for your weakened immune system is a must; your oncologist will help you work on a plan for nutritional improvement and emotional support.

Every patient needs something different and depending on your situation, there will be educated recommendations made for your best options. The earlier we can find the cells causing cancer, the faster can get go after it. For more information on the best options and how to stick to your self-tests check out cancer.org or contact our office at (818) 616-6685.