How to Eat Healthy After Body Contouring Surgery

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You’ve finally taken the big step towards achieving your dream figure: scheduling your body contouring surgery. After spending your time and effort to get to where you are, you want the results of your procedure to be worth it. And, perhaps more importantly, you want those results to last a lifetime. But surgery isn’t a permanent solution. If you want to retain your new physique, you need to take care of it just like you’d care for your pre-surgery body. Your diet, in particular, can make or break your results immediately after your surgery — you’ll be expected to rest and may not be able to exercise for some time, so eating well is the best way you can ensure that your results will last while you heal and beyond.

Plan Ahead

After your surgery, you will likely need at least a few days and possibly a few weeks before you feel able to run errands or prepare meals. To prevent yourself from grabbing a bag of chips or ordering a pizza when you get hungry, purge your home of junk foods and stock up on quick-and-easy healthy snacks and meals. It’s important to have easy access to food following your procedure, so you should make sure that the food you have is good for you.

Get Excited About Eating Well

You might be worried about making a lifestyle change towards healthy eating because you don’t think you will like healthy foods. If this is the case, you should dedicate some time before your surgery to searching for and saving new recipes to try. You’ll have new foods to look forward to after your surgery, and you won’t get frustrated and fall back into unhealthy eating habits. You’re turning over a new leaf with your post-surgery body: it’s the perfect time to expand your palate instead of your waist.

Start Making Changes Now

You can improve your immediate and long-term outcomes by adopting healthy habits before your surgery. First, it’s critical to be in good health when undergoing any surgical procedure. The healthier you are, the better: your risk of complications will be lower, and your recovery process will be easier. Second, body contouring surgeries make the biggest difference when your goal is to sculpt the body you already have. If you’re in good shape going into your surgery, your doctors can achieve more than if you require a drastic change. And third, healthy habits are easier to maintain than they are to start. If you already eat healthy foods and exercise, you won’t need to overhaul your lifestyle while recovering from surgery.

Stay Motivated

Remember that your surgery results won’t last without healthy habits. You have spent time and money on your new body — don’t let that go to waste by falling back into unhealthy eating patterns. Make sure your friends and family are there to help keep you on track and continue to set fitness goals for yourself so that you are always striving to keep improving your new body.

If you’re ready to schedule a consultation for body contouring surgery like a tummy tuck, breast lift, arm lift or liposuction, give us a call at 818-616-6685. The Southern California Center for Surgical Arts staff is also happy to answer any questions you might have about your surgery, your recovery or aftercare.

(Body) Shaping Up For Summer

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Summer is in full swing, and that means long, hot days full of outdoor activities with family and friends. But these warmer months also mean showing more skin. If you’re uncomfortable with the way you look, it can be difficult to see other people sporting shorts and bikinis. Being unhappy with the way your body looks and comparing it to celebrities is a natural human trait.

Incorporating healthy options into your daily routine, like exercising and eating nutritious foods, are the most important ways you can enhance your outward appearance. But sometimes it isn’t enough. When added to a healthy lifestyle, cosmetic procedures are a great way to boost your self-confidence.

At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we offer an array of surgical procedures that provide realistic, natural-looking results. Summer is a great time to refresh your overall appearance. Our patients come to us from all walks of life and for many different reasons, but the most popular cosmetic procedures we provide are tummy tucks and liposuction.

Tummy Tucks

The abdomen area may begin to weaken with age, weight gain or pregnancy. Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck can help to tighten lost structure and improve the contours of the body. Oftentimes, sagging skin doesn’t respond to diet and exercise, so this procedure is a great option for those looking to boost confidence with a more flattering midsection.

Dr. Elias will assess your medical history and recommend the abdominoplasty procedure he feels will achieve your best results. You will be placed under IV sedation or general anesthesia before an incision is made between the pubic area and belly button. The procedure will lift your skin, tighten the muscles and eliminate any fatty tissues.

Following the procedure, you may experience some pain and discomfort. Although you may not want to move much, it’s important to get up and walk around to ensure good circulation throughout the body. You should recover for a good two to four weeks before returning to your daily routines.


Hitting the beach is always a favorite on hot days, but if you’re experiencing body-image issues it isn’t quite as fun. Many of our patients, especially women, request liposuction on the fatty areas of the thighs and hips. During your consultation, you can discuss with Dr. Elias which areas are the most aesthetically unpleasing to you. He will then draw up a plan to help you achieve realistic results.

During the procedure, you will be placed under a general or local anesthesia to ensure a pain-free experience. Through half-inch incisions, Dr. Elias will then loosen and suck the fat out through a vacuum. Initially, you may experience some swelling, bruising and redness, but any pain will be treated with a prescription medication. The recovery period generally will last a few months, during which you will wear dressing and compression bandages on the treated areas.

You can expect to see great results in the months following your procedure, but it’s important to note that liposuction doesn’t promise perfection. The procedure will remove the fatty tissues in the body, but depending on your aesthetic goals, we may recommend combining it with other body contouring procedures for a more dramatic effect.

Benefits of Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures can help you look and feel your best by removing excess skin, tightening muscles or lifting tissue. Many patients experience better-fitted clothing, a more youthful and toned shape and improved self-confidence following a body contouring procedure by Dr. Elias.

At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we offer a compassionate team who is knowledgeable and supportive every step of the way. Our clinic is located in Sherman Oaks and serves the entire Los Angeles metro area. If you’re ready to shape up your body this summer, give us a call at 818-616-6685.

How To Prepare For Cosmetic Surgery

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If you’ve decided to take the next steps for cosmetic surgery, we’re happy for you and can’t wait for you to see a positive change. Dr. Elias sees so many patients each week that are hoping for that same outcome, but their reasons are entirely different and yours may be too. Cosmetic surgery has the potential to correct serious injury and trauma to your skin and structures, those that have had a significant impact on your appearance. These surgeries help people to correct congenital disabilities that are a constant issue and those that only want to turn back the clock.

The gem that ties all of these reasons together and why you’ve decide to have cosmetic surgery, is that life is enhanced because of it. Dr. Husam Elias dedicates his life to cosmetic surgery, helping people just like you move forward with their lives with confidence and agency. If you have confidence and feel great about your appearance, then the possibilities for you are endless. Over the years of his life and practice, Dr. Husam Elias has seen his patients blossom as their comfort increases and they feel ready to go out and mingle with the world.

So how to prepare for surgery, now that you’ve decided that this is what you need to live well and what will reduce your social stress?

Lifestyle Changes Leading Up to Cosmetic Surgery

As soon as you’ve decided to look into cosmetic surgery, the last deciding factor is to find out if you’re the right candidate for the surgery. What that classification truly means is that these surgeries are designed for people that live healthy lifestyles. Dr. Elias wants you to see and feel long lasting benefits when you decide to have surgery. If you’re someone that doesn’t plan to quit smoking or doesn’t take care of your skin, then the results of cosmetic surgery won’t last; you may even be put at high risk for infection and complications down the line.

Cosmetic surgery can provide you with great results if you take care of yourself. Our job is to improve your life, not to make it worse. That being said, there are some lifestyle changes you will need to make to be the perfect candidate for these surgeries. These guidelines are ultimately for you and your health so take these suggestions to heart and make the change before surgery. A few things you should look to change:

  • An unbalanced or unhealthy diet
  • Boost your activity if you lead a sedentary lifestyle
  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce your drinking, especially if you’re going in for surgery
  • Take care to lower stress and improve your mental well-being

Physical health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. However, a clear head can help you understand why you want to pursue cosmetic surgery and make the right decision. Lifestyle changes like fueling your body with healthy foods and increasing your activity can improve your mindset. At SCCSA, Dr. Elias focuses on the mind and body connection so that you feel ready to have surgery and can recovery nicely. Get started on some of these small changes and see how you feel in a couple of weeks then schedule your appointment with us.

Appointments and Check-Ins With Your Surgeon

As soon as you make your appointment for a surgical consultation with Dr. Elias, you’re part of the SCCSA family and that means personalized care throughout the surgery. Dr. Elias will check in with you after each phase of treatment and make himself available to you for questions as you make adjustments to your surgical plan and in recovery. You want to know that the surgeon you decide to work with is one that will check in and help you through any issues you encounter.

Preparing for Recovery

In recovery, there may be days that you need some extra help and we want to make sure that you have that. Dr. Elias recommends creating a list of your potential support team, such as friends and family that can drive you home after surgery or sit with you the first day back. Recovery is different for everyone and some may require more or less time. Dr. Elias and his medical staff will give you everything you need before the surgery to plan ahead and some things to take home with you once you’re done.

To find out more about what cosmetic surgery can do for you at SCCSA, call our front desk today at 818-616-6685.

What To Know Before Your First Visit

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Whenever you decide to pop into your surgeon’s office for a consultation, there is probably a list of things you’ll need to bring with you to make sure you and your surgeon share the right information with one another. Every piece of information counts and these are the keys to success when consulting so that Dr. Elias has all the information he needs to determine whether the surgery is the right one. When you set up your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Elias at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we will tell you which items to bring so that you’re fully prepared.

While these pieces of information are helpful to determine the fit of the surgery, they also allow you to better prepare with any questions you might have for Dr. Elias. To start, we like for every patient to bring in a list of their current medications and any X-rays taken by referring physicians. Any reconstructive surgeries with a particular medical history are best performed with all information ready to go.

The questions you have are addressed during your first meeting with Dr. Elias, and we encourage you to bring them, so you feel ready to move forward with surgery. We are only as successful as your experience from the first moment you walk in until your procedure is complete. We also want you to know that you have the opportunity to check out all of our before and after photos, so you know what to expect.

Recap of what to bring with you on your first visit:

  • List of your most current medications
  • Copy of your insurance information
  • List of questions you have for Dr. Elias
  • Referral slip and any previous radiographs, CT scans or MRI if needed

Am I a candidate for surgery?

One of the most common questions that we have and address is whether or not you will be the best candidate for the surgery. As long as you are healthy and a nonsmoker without prior conditions that could affect the outcome of the surgery, you’re a great fit! Certain procedures do have requirements such as those for liposuction since we encourage patients to have tried healthy weight loss before looking into fat reduction. For a surgery like this, if we remove excess fat from the body it doesn’t mean you cannot gain the weight back. Liposuction requires that you make a lifestyle change to keep the weight off and it’s important that we don’t offer you a surgery that will have risks if it’s not necessary.

What lifestyle changes will I need to make?

We want you to achieve the results you want from your surgical procedures, and that means only offering you the right surgery for your lifestyle. As mentioned before, we like to make sure that clients are paired accurately with their surgical procedures and that we don’t perform an unnecessary surgery or that we do it at the right time. Liposuction candidates are encouraged to make a lifestyle change such as committing to a healthier diet with daily exercise to maintain a healthy weight or be quite close to the reduced weight they’re hoping to achieve.

Any facelift procedure will not last as long as you expect unless you stop smoking. Smoking isn’t the best thing for your skin and will cause increased aging even after you’ve asked for a surgical lift and tightening of the skin. Being realistic about what is possible and the lifespan on a procedure is important, but that begins with your lifestyle. So make these decisions with care, and we can help with the rest.

Now you know what you need to bring with you and what to expect from surgical procedures at SCCSA, so give us a call and make your appointment today at 818-616-6685.

Reasons to get a Mommy Makeover

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There are personal accounts of the benefits of Mommy Makeovers, about the questions women have concerning these procedures and sentiments about whether or not it’s okay to think about this combination of surgeries known as the Mommy Makeover. In a previous blog, we posted about surgery shaming and why Dr. Elias encourages people to remain open-minded about cosmetic procedures since they often go much deeper than appearances.

Mommy Makeovers are the perfect example of this decision to change your post-baby body because they not only enhance how you look in your clothes and allow you to regain your previous shape, but there are so many benefits that allow you to increase your range of motion and possibly be a better mom when you feel better. We’ll go over how your body specifically will undergo changes during and after pregnancy as well as all the reasons to get a Mommy Makeover at the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts.

Changes in the Body After Having a Baby

While everyone is gushing over the idea that you’re pregnant or have already given birth to a new baby, you’re probably always thinking about the changes you feel in your body as the baby develops and inevitably after you’ve given birth. The body is only fit to carry a child once the right hormones have set on their course to expand, cushion and change the way your body processes nutrients so that you’re able to share them with your growing child. What changes, you ask? These are the changes that happen:

Breasts—The breasts will grow and enlarge to hold fresh milk so that you can feed your baby. This means the skin will stretch and the weight of the breasts causes them to sag slightly after pregnancy. To correct this, Dr. Elias will recommend a breast lift and augmentation to reposition and reshape the breasts as well as lift them back into a much more desirable position that you can be proud. You should only have this done after you’re done having children and breastfeeding.

Tummy—As your baby develops in the womb, the tissues in this area will expand and soften to line the uterus with enough protection, so a growing embryo has the best chance of survival. Your skin will stretch, and the muscles in the abdominal wall are manipulated with stretching and increased weight bearing down on the area. Exercise won’t completely fix these changes, so a tummy tuck is necessary to reposition the muscles and reshape the abdomen. It might look better than it ever did before!

Body—Every woman gains a bit of healthy weight to compensate for the amount of energy a new baby will need from them. However after this weight is gained and mostly lost after pregnancy, there are a few areas that are very hard to lose the fat. Liposuction will take care of the excess fat by removing it swiftly and allowing Dr. Elias to contour the body, so it looks smooth and proportioned to your new shape.

Why It’s Okay to Have a Mommy Makeover

Most women look in the mirror and think how did this happen? We all love children, but as soon as you’re done having them, you want to reform your body to everything it was in its former glory. Dr. Elias wants you to know it’s okay to have a Mommy Makeover because we know it’s time for you to care for yourself. Women find that they feel strange about considering the surgery, but everyone wants mom to be happy.

If this makes you feel stronger and happier, the confidence will show in everything you do. A Mommy Makeover might even strengthen your relationships with your husband and your children. Don’t worry about having the procedure done, talk with your family about why you want to have it and how it can make things better for you. We’re sure they’ll encourage you to do it!

To schedule your consultation for a life changing Mommy Makeover, call SCCSA today at 818-616-6685.

Plastic Surgery Shaming: It’s Not Okay

Depending on the amount of exposure you’ve had to cosmetic surgical procedures, you may or may not know how common they are or what purpose they serve for patients all over the world. At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we want to talk about a serious topic that causes unnecessary stress for our patients and countless others—plastic surgery shaming; it’s not okay.

Television shows and major motion pictures paint plastic surgery in a less than positive light with characters portraying overdone treatments such as disproportionate and over plump lips, oversized breasts or unrealistically tight facelifts. Plastic surgery isn’t like this at all, and it’s unfair to judge people interested in surgery because you may not know what their reasons are.

Why it Isn’t Okay

It’s important to know that plastic surgery is about making the most naturally appearing results something to look forward to for people that experience reduced self-esteem and physical pain. Plastic surgery isn’t just about looking good, although that’s a positive aspect, it’s also about making someone’s life easier and pleasant. Before you think about passing judgment, understanding what goes into these procedures and why may offer you some insight that will change your perspective.

Plastic surgery can help people suffering from congenital defects or serious injuries such as scars and disfigurement. These procedures help women with excess breast tissue save their backs from lifelong stress, pain, and social discomfort. Plastic surgery can help someone with large ears or an asymmetrical nose from embarrassment, breathing issues and lowered self-esteem. It’s not just for one particular group of people or another, and it’s not always for the same reason. By judging a person for their decision to have plastic surgery done, you’re making it difficult for them to improve their situation. Be respectful.

How it Affects Women of All Ages (Even Young)

Girls grow into the women we see around us every day and criticism on body image can cause serious mental stress. If there’s something we can change to help them become more confident women as they grow or continue as strong leaders in the community, then plastic surgery can give them that. Unfortunately, the world is cruel, and the physical is often prized over substance. Plastic surgery isn’t just about that, though, we promote well-being and never make our patients look overdone. We help them understand the beauty in their unique appearance. While we can enhance beauty with surgical and nonsurgical procedures, we cannot replace wellness in the mind and spirit. The more support we give our women to modify only what’s needed to help them feel powerful throughout their lives is what we will offer.

Surgical and nonsurgical procedures should be more openly talked about so that the positive benefits patients receive are better known. We take time and care at SCCSA under the direction of Dr. Husam Elias to share these ideas and information. If you’re someone who is considering any of these procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift or anti-aging injections, call to schedule your appointment with Southern California Center for Surgical Arts today at 818-616-6685.