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Your Best Skin; No Surgery Required!

Non-surgical treatments have advanced so much that they are becoming almost just as effective as surgery in improving the look and feel of your skin. Plastic surgery is, of course, the most effective way to affect significant change to your appearance, but there are so many options for treating the minor conditions you face on a daily basis that do not require incisions at all!

Treating your skin and giving it back its youthful texture, tone and lift may be as easy as a quick cosmetic procedure. At the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we offer several options for improving your appearance without surgery, depending on what you would like to treat and how significant a change you are looking to make.

Injectable Treatments

Botox cosmetic is one of our most popular treatments for erasing dynamic wrinkles, including crow’s feet and laugh lines, and giving you a softer, more approachable look. This injectable treatment has become Los Angeles’s most requested procedure, and for good reason! Relaxing the muscles that tighten into wrinkles not only improves your facial expression, it can also help to relieve tension held in these spaces and allow your soft facial appearance to reflect in a persona that is more at ease.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser treatments are so crucial in treating skin that has been damaged by the sun, wrinkled skin and scarring, as they give the skin natural, long-lasting improvement without any incisions and very minimal downtime. The laser used by Dr. Elias is an ultrapulse carbon dioxide laser, one specifically designed to remove unwanted tissue from the skin. This tissue is seen in the imperfections of the skin, such as sun spots, fine lines, uneven tone or unpleasant texture. Laser resurfacing works to even skin tone and reverse damage that may be causing blemishes and scars.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work to shed the top layer of skin that is damaged, pigmented or has a rough texture, revealing a fresh and new layer of skin that simply glows. During the procedure, a solution is applied that will treat the top layer of skin, which will eventually blister. This process lends to a bit of downtime, as it can be uncomfortable to be in public while your skin heals from this treatment. Once the layer of skin restores itself, however, you will be eager to show off your lively look! Sun damage is especially responsive to this type of treatment, and hyperpigmentation is also best treated with chemical peels.

If you are looking for restoration, healing and renewal of your skin, smoothing of wrinkles or an uplifting of your natural facial expression, one of our many nonsurgical options can help give you your desired results. During a consultation with Dr. Elias, you can express your disappointments with your skin and what you would like to improve, and he will work with you to determine the best procedure for you. Call us today if you are interested in learning more about our treatments or scheduling your first procedure: (818) 788-6622.

Los Angeles is raving about the results from treatments at the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts. Read reviews from some of our patients here.

Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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