Why Peeling Away Your Imperfections Could be Better Than Injectables

In the heart of Los Angeles, where the stars shine brightest, we at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts think that your skin imperfections could be peeled away for the best results instead of injectables. Sure, we love injectables and the results they bring for people that are looking to improve volume loss in their skin from years of tissue degeneration, but if you’re trying to get rid of some minor wrinkles and skin imperfections, they’re not the best option. When clients come to us looking for a solution to their skin care issues, we try our best to give them real options and the benefits or cons of each choice based on their skin care condition.

Why would peels be your best option?

Your Skin’s Condition

Depending on the condition of your skin, injectables may not be needed or what’s best for you. For many of the patients that come to us looking for best skin maintenance options out there, the first thing they ask about are injectables and by injectables, we mean Botox and other muscle relaxant injections or dermal fillers that work beneath the epidermis and above the muscle layer. If you have relatively younger skin and don’t require a facelift or have significant wrinkles or cellular damage to consider one, a peel may be all you need.

The reason we say this is because your skin may just require a gentle resurfacing technique that could remove the topmost layer of dead skin cells to allow congested healthy cells to flourish. While dermal fillers will simply fill in space and help to reintroduce collagen and elastin fibers to the skin, a chemical peel can focus on the damage that’s occurred on the surface of the skin and treat the underlying dermal layer as needed. The healthier your skin is or how close you are to healthy skin is important. If you’re just starting to see small signs of damage, don’t think about injections just yet.

What You Need from a Peel

Chemical peels come in three types; they range from sensitive skin treatments at their lightest to medium and higher level peels. Depending on your type of skin, one of these levels will benefit you. Most people start with a lighter peel to see what the skin looks like following the peel. You need to remove the top layer of skin to get rid of everything you see on the surface and reduce any signs of these conditions as you progress your facial peels. Injectables won’t do this because they work beneath the skin, not on the skin or within it. To promote skin health, you need to nourish it and bring out the best attributes while erasing any issues. A peel can help address issues such as hyperpigmentation and dehydration as well as the size of your pores and reduce any dullness and texture issues. These peels also contribute to getting rid of any blockages in the pores that can allow bacteria to sit on them and eventually damage the skin with things such as free radicals. Injectables will only enhance what’s already there.

Cost and Treatments

Injectables are a lot more expensive than chemical peels because of the time insertion into the skin that requires skilled techniques to make sure no nerves are damaged, and the proper contouring occurs so that we make sure to get the results you want. You may only need dermal fillers once every few months, but they don’t necessarily improve the skin beyond these structural treatment benefits. Peels, on the other hand, are most cost effective for you and are less of a risk for patients that are first starting on their skin care journey. After each peel, on average there are three in a series, you’ll notice the change in your skin that will continue to improve over time. We love this treatment since it helps you get to the core of what’s causing these wrinkles and color changes as well as any bacterial concerns you have causing irritation.

To schedule your consultation for a chemical peel or to see what types of injectables we offer, depending on your skin, call SCCSA today at (818) 616-6685.

Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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