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What to Expect During Rhinoplasty Recovery

Choosing to get a nose job (medically known as a rhinoplasty) is a sensitive decision, one which affects the focal point of your face. Though patients are typically very pleased with their surgical results, many are unaware that the recovery time for a nose job is lengthier than you might expect. Because it is such a delicate surgery, it is important to follow recovery instructions very carefully to ensure your best results.

Every nose is different, and every nose job is even more unique. Therefore, it is important to consult with your surgeon regarding your specific recovery tips. Dr. Elias of the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts is not only known in Los Angeles for being a rhinoplasty artist, but also for the care he takes of his patients. When you schedule your consultation with Dr. Elias, he will be sure to give you care instructions that are specific to your medical history and the specifics of your surgery. You will also be able to contact him after your operation if you experience any complications with your recovery. When you choose the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, you choose family.

The Recovery Timeline

Your full recovery from a nose job takes up to 8 weeks, that is for all of your swelling to subside and the complete results of your surgery to appear and set in. Most patients report that recovery is not painful, but may be uncomfortable and unattractive. Breathing through your mouth for several weeks and covering up swelling and bruising may be an inconvenience, but once recovery is complete, you can enjoy the benefits of renewed confidence and facial balance.

Following your procedure, a cast must be worn on your nose for 5-7 days, or until your follow-up appointment with Dr. Elias. After the cast is removed, you will still see some swelling. We recommend you take one week of rest from work and other activities, allowing your body to fully rest and commit to recovery. You will look presentable one to two weeks following surgery, but mild swelling will still affect the way your results will look several months later.

Medication and Aftercare

Dr. Elias will likely prescribe you medication for significant pain that may occur the first few days after surgery. Most of our patients are able to switch to an over-the-counter pain reliever like Tylenol within two days of the procedure. We highly recommend avoiding taking prescription medication if you can, or if your pain is manageable with mild medication. However, ‘dealing’ with the pain without any medication may set back your recovery, as your body’s focus is taken away from the healing when it is focused on pain and when swelling may be disrupting the healing process.

Physical Activity Do’s and Don’ts

While we know you Los Angeles locals are busybodies, it is so important to find time to recover after your rhinoplasty. That means complete rest for at least one week and avoiding strenuous physical activity for at least two weeks. Exercise increases blood pressure and sends blood flow to your arms and legs, drawing it away from the site of the wound. Heightened blood pressure may cause excess bleeding in the wound and may cause you to become nauseous. For this reason, you should let your body properly heal and rest, without risking optimal results from your surgery.

If you are self-conscious about the shape of your nose or your facial proportion, a rhinoplasty may be a procedure to consider. Dr. Elias is known in Los Angeles for incredible results and quality care. Call the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts today to schedule your introductory consultation and learn what Dr. Elias can do for you: (818) 696-4425.

Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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