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Transitioning Your Skin into Fall

Fall in California has been a little wonky this year, with temperatures blazing into the 90’s all the way into October, and our skin is feeling it for sure. At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we provide a variety of skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments to help our clients restructure and refresh their skin. During our consultations, we assess the current health of your skin cells and devise a plan to help you get the most out of your skin care home treatments in conjunction with our nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. During the fall season, the skin suffers from so many different environmental changes that we have to be prepared to treat it accordingly; otherwise, these treatments won’t last long. To keep your skin looking fantastic at SCCSA, we will help you transition your skin into fall so you can get through the next few months ageless and stress-free.

Summer into Fall Skin Concerns:

  • Sun damage
  • Hydration or over drying of the skin
  • Essential nutrients for restructuring dead cells
  • Sensitive skin issues
  • Pigmentation or redness

How to Transition Your Skin Using New Products

When we talk about transitioning from one season into another, it’s important we understand why we do this. The weather changes with temperature, so moving from hot heat in the summer means the skin is sweating more and overcome with sun exposure. During that transition from summer to fall, it may be hotter in the day but cold at night. A shift from one temperature to another means our skin isn’t going to remain properly hydrated. We have to address both things that cause our tissues distress and produce wear. Chamomile and lavender.

You should also think about the base of your skin care products best for different seasons. During the summer, we use products that protect the skin from sun damage but still allow your pores to breathe. We normally think of water-based, light moisturizers and hydrating cleansers that invigorate cellular repair. Citrus and nutrient infused moisturizers will wake up your cells and brighten the face by reducing pigmentation you’ve gained in summer months. Once you’ve worked on hydration and pigmentation, it’s time to think about tone and texture.

How to Avoid the Dry Fall Weather

As you move up your hydrating density, think of night creams that you can add to your skin care regimen to avoid over drying of the skin and additional base serums applied before your night moisturizer. In the summer it’s a bit humid, but during fall the air loses moisture and so will your skin. Black cumin oil is said to help naturally restructure the skin cells and witch hazel will help you reduce cluttering of the pores and nourish sensitivity. When the skin drys out in fall, the smoothness of your skin becomes rough and fine lines may start to appear. We recommend exfoliating the skin as you make the transition to fall skin care products to remove all dead cells and refresh your look. Start from scratch with a fresh face in fall.

Our laser skin resurfacing treatments alongside these new methods for hydration will reverse these temporary changes. Call Southern California Center for Surgical Arts at 818-696-4425 to find out more about our skin resurfacing treatments and how we get rid of the premature signs of aging.

Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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