Staying In Shape from the Inside Out

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Healthy Nutrition and Tips to Extend National Nutrition Awareness

The New Year is when you’ll see the world jump up and say collectively, that it’s time to get fit and live healthily. How long this lasts depends on you, doesn’t it? After a while, the gym starts to look a little empty, and you’re finally able to get a spot on the treadmill you like in front of the window. But while we’re all rushing to pre-plan our healthy meals every Sunday we forget what the point of it all was and suddenly it’s April.

March was National Nutrition Month, and that meant more than just getting your gym visits in; the conversation continues to be about staying in shape from the inside out. Because let’s be honest, healthy nutrition and staying in shape is much more than just eating salads. Southern California Center for Surgical Arts is going all out this month and showing you the ins and outs of living well.

Common Dietary Pitfalls

We all fail at something sometime, but it’s not because we don’t give it our all. Dietary pitfalls are bound to happen when you jump into composing a plan without fully understanding why you’re doing it. Here are some dietary pitfalls you can avoid:

Forget the Soda at Dinner

While you’re focusing on making the right choice between that double cheeseburger and a salad, don’t forget about what you’re drinking. It’s not just soda drinkers either, but people that drink coffee religiously each morning usually add cream and sugar. It’s easy to count calories from your food, but wonder why you’re still not losing weight if you continue to drink sugary drinks. Try water with lemon instead!

Cutting Carbs

Toast in the morning with breakfast, rice in the afternoon for lunch and pasta for dinner every day, probably means you’re eating too many carbohydrates. One of the most common issues with cutting carbs is that people tend to throw them all out. The problem is that you need carbohydrates to some degree. It’s great to cut down and eat them modestly, but you shouldn’t discount them all. In fact, your body needs healthy carbohydrates to maintain steady levels of energy. Cutting All Fats from Your Diet Let’s get this one over and done with; not every fat is a bad fat. You don’t need to get rid of everything that has a gram of fat here and there. The issue is, you’ll need to get rid of unnatural and saturated fats. You might think that avocado is delicious but has way too much fat. Avocado is a natural and easily digested fat that you need in your life, so don’t even think about it. There are so many things you can keep in your fridge without overdoing it, but these natural fats are much better in the long run than any other.

Eating Vegan Only

Going vegan is a wonderful idea if you’ve read about the foods you can eat that will help you pick up enough protein, fiber, and vitamins to stay energized and nourished. Vegans build lean muscle and absorb specialized nutrients from plants that they create during photosynthesis. However, when many people began eating vegan, they immediately go for prepackaged items, and that is the worst way to do it. You can gain weight eating vegan if you’re not eating healthy vegan meals, so read a little about it or ask your doctor. We love the Thrive book that will teach you about plant-based meals.

Easiest Ways to Make Meaningful Changes

Don’t think about these changes as temporary diets, but as lifelong meaningful changes that will have an impact on how you feel every day. The goal at the end of the day is to eat so you feel full, with fortified ingredients, so that you can workout and build circulation for better skin, toned muscles and a clearer mind. These little nutrition changes will translate into a happier you as you get rid of the toxic things causing you to loose energy and drive. Be happy and feel like yourself again when you’re eating clean.

Exercise will elevate your moods and make you feel good that you chose the green, leafy salad over the fries. Once you remove the unhealthy items and practices from your life, you’ll see and feel the change. You won’t want to go back to what it was like before. Call SCCSA and make your appointment for a consultation and reward yourself for all of the hard work you’re doing at 818-696-4425.

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