Shape Shifter: Transferring Fat Where You Need It

Ever wish you could take the unwanted fat from between your thighs, above your hips or behind your arms and place it in a more flattering place to improve your curves? The good news is this is no longer a crazy idea you share with your friends! Fat transfer is a real procedure that can help you use the unwanted fat in your body to your advantage. Lose the love handles and gain a cup size with a fat transfer procedure from the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts!

Dr. Husam Elias has worked with many patients to successfully target areas they wish to improve and use their own natural body fat to increase the size of their breasts or booty, or even to increase volume in their face without a chemical injectable. In Los Angeles, we are all about keeping a youthful appearance while maintaining a sense of natural, effortless beauty, and there is no better way than fat transfer to do so.

What is a Fat Transfer Procedure?

Fat transfer uses liposuction to harvest fat from areas of your body. That fat is then sterilized and used for other procedures to enhance other features. For example, facial rejuvenation with fat transfer uses your own fat cells to increase volume in your cheeks after aging has caused you to lose facial definition. Fat transfer can also be used for breast augmentation, allowing you to avoid placing implants and maintain a very natural look with your lifted and larger breasts.

The most popular use of fat transfer is in the Brazilian Butt Lift, which gives an added perk to your buttocks while maintaining a natural, flattering shape. The dramatic look of a thinner waist and hourglass hips can be achieved this way, cinching where you need it and giving you the beautiful curves you have always wanted.

Why Fat Transfer?

Though breast augmentation and injectable facial treatments have very few side effects in the majority of cases, placing foreign objects in your body always comes with a risk, and that risk is removed when you choose fat transfer for your rejuvenation. Using your own fat to perform these treatments allows you to maintain a natural-looking structure and results that last forever with little to no maintenance.

Recovery Time

Downtime for a fat transfer procedure is fairly easy and similar to simply having liposuction surgery. You will experience bruising and swelling for up to 10 days, but because incisions are minimal and very small, you will heal quickly with very minimal scarring.

If you have unwanted fat that you think can be used to enhance other features of your body, we would love to help you achieve your physical goals. Call the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts to schedule your consultation with Dr. Elias and learn more about how he can help you look and feel your absolute best. There is a reason Los Angeles considers him their favorite plastic surgeon!

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