Santa Ana Winds: How to Protect Your Skin

The Santa Ana Winds are something we hear about every day in the fall and winter here at SCCSA, Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, in Sherman Oaks. These winds hit between October and January, which are the strongest sets of wind speeds that can reach up to 40 mph. That’s pretty fast wind and the higher their speeds, the harder they hit whatever they pass through or hit straight on—mainly your skin. During these months, when the winds are at their highest, the skin is the most vulnerable part of the body, and we want to protect it vigorously.

Wind Dehydrates the Skin

As soon as we go outside, our skin is vulnerable to high winds and cooler temperatures that can be a shock from the temperatures inside your car or home. When the temperature change hits the skin, then cells start to lose their plumpness and vitality. Each layer of the skin becomes weaker and will eventually break down over time revealing aged skin if we don’t tend to these cells. Regulating the effect that the wind has on our skin can help reduce the amount of damage we find during the winter months.

The difference between fall and winter compared to the summertime makes all the difference in the way the skin behaves. In summer, we have more moisture to spare because the heat activates sweat glands to balance internal and external temperatures, but in the winter months when it’s cold we don’t have these mechanisms always working. If we continue to lose water molecules, then we can’t get them back unless we hydrate the cells another way. So how do we protect the skin from the wind and dryness?

Protecting Skin in Wind from Dryness

The Santa Ana Winds produce dead skin cells on the surface and dryer than dry cells beneath. We have to save what’s healthy and to hydrate these cells continually. At SCCSA, we recommend that everyone have either a skin resurfacing laser treatment or varying type of chemical peel that can remove the topmost surface layer to uncover fresh skin. Once we have a fresh new layer of the skin, this is the best place to start our complete skin care regimen. Here are some of the tips we recommend to our clients at the change in the seasons, especially when the Santa Ana Winds are at their peak.

If you have significant damage to your skin, such as redness and maximized pore size, hyperpigmentation, and a rough texture, it’s time you see a specialist that can help you reverse this damage or repair what you have. The sooner you know how important skin care is no matter what the season, the better prepared you’ll be for what’s to come. Call the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts to learn more about healthy skin care and our top cosmetic treatments today at 818-616-6685.

Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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