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Redefine Your Resolution

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Every year it’s the same thing for most people, you write down a list of things you wanted to accomplish last year but couldn’t and fall short. This year it’s about new things to accomplish. The reason you may not have met your previous years’ goals is that they weren’t the right ones to go after. Let’s think about the real things in your life that you could improve to make you feel much better about it all.

At the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we know that you have some of these things on your mind but you just need to figure out what’s first. For example, instead of thinking about losing weight specifically, think about getting healthy first and foremost. Dr. Husam Elias has some tips to help you redefine your resolution and get back on track because every client is a member of the family and our family is happy and well.

How to get fit fast!

Fueling Wellness

Again, it’s not only about losing the weight, but it’s also about getting healthy, and the weight will follow—trust us. When you redefine the way you think about healthy living, weight loss is a product of changing the way we treat our bodies from the foods we put in it to the activities we perform and how much sleep we get. All of these things matter. How do we get fit fast? Let’s start with healthy eating which means you can have a little bit of everything if you really want it, but only a little bit. The trick to eating healthy at first is to allow yourself to sample a craving but then put the item away and move on.

Most people forget about portioning items, and instead, they worry about eliminating the food from their lives completely. This removal of so-called ‘bad foods’ will come once you’ve lost your taste for them. Tapering off of bad foods is almost like a detox for your body so that you stop craving them all together. Soon your body will crave healthier foods, those that do something for your system providing fiber, moisture, protein and vitamins. Empty foods will not help you achieve your workout goals or make your skin look any better. When you finally see the benefits of eating healthier and feeling the benefits as you become more active, you will crave the good stuff.

Some healthy foods you should always have stocked at home are:

Each one of these foods will keep you fuller longer, provide nutrients and move your metabolism into high gear.

Metabolism Boosts

The next thing these foods will help you accomplish is fueling the body for workouts. It’s not so important that you run off and sign up for the gym, but it is important that you start moving. Find activities that get your heart rate up and make you sweat. We find that circuit training is the best for those that are advised to do so, which means cardio workouts that are at high intensity for one minute or two and then move into a rest mode are best. These workouts continue in a cycle that change up the way your body usually moves and causes a jumpstart within the metabolism.

The best thing about this type of training is that you can do it at home. Dr. Elias works out at home when he can’t make it to the gym and suggests that you try this by setting up stations in a comfortable space. You’ll need a few items to get started—jump rope, yoga mat, resistance band, exercise ball and a couple of hand weights. These weights should start relatively mid-sized and at a comfortable weight which can build over time as well as the amount of resistance you feel in the resistance band, so test these out before you buy them. Place each item in a station and start with a set of ten reps per station, then move to the next.

Sample Sequence:

Take a 30-second rest in between sets, and you’ll feel the sweat, but also the oxygen moving through your body in a good way. If you do these exercises every other day and change up the movements, you’ll notice that these exercises become easier and you may not need a gym after all.

Tackling Skin Care

Now that you’re eating well, drinking more water and moving a bit, you may notice the change in your skin. Living a healthier lifestyle often reduces stress and promotes cellular renewal which is what we need to maintain youthful looking skin. But what about the proper skin care regimen to get you started? At SCCSA, we recommend a few different things to get your skin refreshed and responding to your efforts with the best products and treatments.

To start, you should consider looking into chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing to remove any surface damage so new cells can thrive and skin care products can make an impact. Our Obagi skin care products are specifically designed for your needs, and we can assess your skin during your consultation with Dr. Elias. Let the glow you feel on the inside, shine through on the outside.

Above & Beyond: Procedures to Help You!

Changing your way of life isn’t something that happens overnight, but it is something you will gradually see change as the year moves forward. As your body changes, you might be interested in trimming down excess fat with body contouring procedures that can smooth over the arms, thighs, tummy and more. For patients that have lost excess weight, we look to removing any sagging skin that gets in the way of allowing you to see the body you’ve worked hard for. Dr. Elias can help you accomplish these goals with comfort so you feel confident each day to do more for yourself.

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