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There are personal accounts of the benefits of Mommy Makeovers, about the questions women have concerning these procedures and sentiments about whether or not it’s okay to think about this combination of surgeries known as the Mommy Makeover. In a previous blog, we posted about surgery shaming and why Dr. Elias encourages people to remain open-minded about cosmetic procedures since they often go much deeper than appearances.

Mommy Makeovers are the perfect example of this decision to change your post-baby body because they not only enhance how you look in your clothes and allow you to regain your previous shape, but there are so many benefits that allow you to increase your range of motion and possibly be a better mom when you feel better. We’ll go over how your body specifically will undergo changes during and after pregnancy as well as all the reasons to get a Mommy Makeover at the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts.

Changes in the Body After Having a Baby

While everyone is gushing over the idea that you’re pregnant or have already given birth to a new baby, you’re probably always thinking about the changes you feel in your body as the baby develops and inevitably after you’ve given birth. The body is only fit to carry a child once the right hormones have set on their course to expand, cushion and change the way your body processes nutrients so that you’re able to share them with your growing child. What changes, you ask? These are the changes that happen:

Breasts—The breasts will grow and enlarge to hold fresh milk so that you can feed your baby. This means the skin will stretch and the weight of the breasts causes them to sag slightly after pregnancy. To correct this, Dr. Elias will recommend a breast lift and augmentation to reposition and reshape the breasts as well as lift them back into a much more desirable position that you can be proud. You should only have this done after you’re done having children and breastfeeding.

Tummy—As your baby develops in the womb, the tissues in this area will expand and soften to line the uterus with enough protection, so a growing embryo has the best chance of survival. Your skin will stretch, and the muscles in the abdominal wall are manipulated with stretching and increased weight bearing down on the area. Exercise won’t completely fix these changes, so a tummy tuck is necessary to reposition the muscles and reshape the abdomen. It might look better than it ever did before!

Body—Every woman gains a bit of healthy weight to compensate for the amount of energy a new baby will need from them. However after this weight is gained and mostly lost after pregnancy, there are a few areas that are very hard to lose the fat. Liposuction will take care of the excess fat by removing it swiftly and allowing Dr. Elias to contour the body, so it looks smooth and proportioned to your new shape.

Why It’s Okay to Have a Mommy Makeover

Most women look in the mirror and think how did this happen? We all love children, but as soon as you’re done having them, you want to reform your body to everything it was in its former glory. Dr. Elias wants you to know it’s okay to have a Mommy Makeover because we know it’s time for you to care for yourself. Women find that they feel strange about considering the surgery, but everyone wants mom to be happy.

If this makes you feel stronger and happier, the confidence will show in everything you do. A Mommy Makeover might even strengthen your relationships with your husband and your children. Don’t worry about having the procedure done, talk with your family about why you want to have it and how it can make things better for you. We’re sure they’ll encourage you to do it!

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