Putting Your Best Face Forward in 2017

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In California, we are at the epicenter of beauty, sunshine, and fun, and Southern California Center for Surgical Arts is in the middle of hot Hollywood culture. Dr. Elias talks to his patients every day about their cosmetic goals for the year, and many of them are focused on finding the best possible solutions for a fresh, youthful face to stand out from the crowd. Our treatments and procedures at SCCSA are selected for the purpose of putting your best face forward in 2017.

How Aging Modifies the Face

If you are like many of the patients that come through our doors, you’ve probably noticed a few early signs of aging starting with wrinkles and deep folds, loose skin and volume loss. There are lots of ways aging can affect your skin, especially the soft tissues in the face since this area is usually left defenseless against the sun. Over time the deepest supporting structures in the face will soften, things like bone strength and that of muscles. A thin layer of fatty tissue separates your muscles from your skin, but age causes them to become thin, and that space causes wrinkles to appear. Eventually, the skin will become loose and begin to fall to a lowered position.

When you reach your mid-forties and fifties, many of these changes have already started, and a facelift is a surgery that will reset the face to a higher, tighter and fuller position. Aging is just a part of life, but how you modify the effects of aging can help you maintain a confident outlook on life in 2017. We will explain the benefits of this delicate surgery, the different types of a facelift and what you can expect from each at SCCSA.

Benefits of Facelift:

Restores youthful appearance Raises and anchors deeper layers of muscle Restructures the face to restore balance and symmetry Invigorates circulation in the tissues for healthy cells Restores self-assurance

Types of Facelift

As soon as you schedule your consultation for a facelift with Dr. Husam Elias at SCCSA, he will conduct a full skin analysis to assess the condition of your muscle layer, bone density, skin and overall health. There are three areas of the face he will appraise after you express your concerns about facial aging, which are the upper face, midface and lower face and neck. If every section of the face requires significant lifting and restructuring of the underlying tissues in addition to the removal of excess skin, a full facelift is the best option.

However, if you only exhibit severe sagging and volume loss in the midface which includes the cheeks and jowl formation at the jawline, then a mini-facelift may be just what you need. Finally, if you show signs of an advanced turkey neck with sagging in the jawline, a lower face and neck lift can be performed. It’s important to know that if you don’t need a full facelift, Dr. Elias will not recommend one.

Conditions Facelift Resolves:

Who makes an ideal candidate?

An ideal candidate is someone that is in relatively good healthy without any serious medical conditions, doesn’t smoke or drink heavily. At SCCSA, the ideal clients for a facelift are those that have reasonable expectations concerning the final result. Dr. Elias will review all of your surgical facelift options, show you the benefits of each surgery depending on your unique needs, as well as compare patient before and after photos.

At SCCSA, you will feel confident in your decision to choose a surgical facelift for a fresh appearance in 2017. Call our office to schedule your facelift consultation today at 818-616-6685.

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