Put Your Freshest Face Forward in the New Year

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Everyone wants to start off the first part of the year with a bang that will carry on through fall, but the best way to do it is by starting on the inside and working your way out. The way we treat our bodies begins the process to put your freshest face forward in the New Year. When we alter our mindset toward a better, positive future, the more it will show in our confidence and our ability to enjoy life. Plan for a complete change in the way you live to see and feel the benefits of your commitment to yourself to live and be well. Healthy lifestyle changes will allow you to make modifications to your diet, therefore improving your moods and energy to experience new things. Also, surgical procedures can further enhance your look this year, and SCCSA can help you get there.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Younger Skin

Many of our patients at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts are concerned about their skin and we know you’ve probably noticed some differences as you age. Committing to a healthier lifestyle in mind and body can give you back the gift of younger looking skin before you decide on cosmetic treatments to make the changes for you. As a matter of fact, Dr. Elias encourages these lifestyle changes first before considering cosmetic procedures. Once you’ve made these lifelong changes to your diet and mindset, you can reward yourself with our surgical offerings to smooth over the edges and any fine lines and wrinkles that stand in your way.


You’ve told yourself you’ll cut out the sweets and drink more water. Instead of waiting until tomorrow, put down the soda and start now. Dr. Elias explains the reasoning behind these common recommendations for a clearer complexion and healthier skin from the deepest dermal layer on out. High amounts of sugar, processed foods, and caffeinated substances can dry out your skin, cause uncomfortable inflammation and reduce healthy circulation.

If you reduce the number of sugars you have each day and learn what your skin needs to replenish healing nutrients and water molecules from within, you’ll notice the glow and suppleness return to your cheeks. Wrinkles, volume loss and thinning in the skin are less likely to occur when the skin is cared for by vitamins and essential nutrients. Also, healthier foods will give you the energy you need to get off the couch and get active!


Believe it or not, the more you exercise the easier it becomes to continue on a healthy routine. Going on a brisk walk, jogging, weight lifting and fluid movements like yoga and Pilates can help you increase muscle strength, boost endorphin production to achieve those feel good vibes all year long, and improve your circulation. Increased circulation has so many benefits that it’s unbelievable. Once you get moving so does the oxygen throughout your body which can help the heart reduce its workload so you can focus on releasing stress and muscle tension. Lower stress means a happy, balanced system to allow you to sleep easy and smoothly regenerate skin cells for a rested and relaxed look. People will wonder how you outsmarted Father Time!


Altering your mindset will help you make these changes. Once you believe these changes can happen and you have the will to do them, you will accomplish your goals. Our patients at SCCSA always know we’re here to help them through the most difficult changes in life. At SCCSA, we believe in you, so you should too! Positivity attracts good things in life, so it is time you try to be more positive in life.

How Surgical Rejuvenation Can Jumpstart a Change

Now that you’ve done the hard work and can see a swift difference in the way your skin looks and how you feel on the inside, surgical rejuvenations with Dr. Husam Elias can jumpstart your results. While a healthy diet and exercise can help rejuvenate cellular production, shave off the weight and improve your moods, wrinkles, and fine lines need a little help. Our facelift procedure can reduce sagging skin and reposition supporting muscles in the face and neck to refresh your look; adding a brow lift to the mix will enhance the facelift procedure since most people find the eyes change the mood of the face with loose and hanging lids.

The center of the face, the nose, might benefit from surgical modification as it brings symmetry and youth to your features. The nose isn’t something that can be altered by diet and exercise, but if you’re looking to bring balance to your facial features in the New Year, rhinoplasty can fix that. Call SCCSA to book your consultation for enhancing surgical procedures at 818-616-6685.

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