Plastic Surgery Shaming: It's Not Okay

Depending on the amount of exposure you’ve had to cosmetic surgical procedures, you may or may not know how common they are or what purpose they serve for patients all over the world. At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we want to talk about a serious topic that causes unnecessary stress for our patients and countless others—plastic surgery shaming; it’s not okay.

Television shows and major motion pictures paint plastic surgery in a less than positive light with characters portraying overdone treatments such as disproportionate and over plump lips, oversized breasts or unrealistically tight facelifts. Plastic surgery isn’t like this at all, and it’s unfair to judge people interested in surgery because you may not know what their reasons are.

Why it Isn’t Okay

It’s important to know that plastic surgery is about making the most naturally appearing results something to look forward to for people that experience reduced self-esteem and physical pain. Plastic surgery isn’t just about looking good, although that’s a positive aspect, it’s also about making someone’s life easier and pleasant. Before you think about passing judgment, understanding what goes into these procedures and why may offer you some insight that will change your perspective.

Plastic surgery can help people suffering from congenital defects or serious injuries such as scars and disfigurement. These procedures help women with excess breast tissue save their backs from lifelong stress, pain, and social discomfort. Plastic surgery can help someone with large ears or an asymmetrical nose from embarrassment, breathing issues and lowered self-esteem. It’s not just for one particular group of people or another, and it’s not always for the same reason. By judging a person for their decision to have plastic surgery done, you’re making it difficult for them to improve their situation. Be respectful.

How it Affects Women of All Ages (Even Young)

Girls grow into the women we see around us every day and criticism on body image can cause serious mental stress. If there’s something we can change to help them become more confident women as they grow or continue as strong leaders in the community, then plastic surgery can give them that. Unfortunately, the world is cruel, and the physical is often prized over substance. Plastic surgery isn’t just about that, though, we promote well-being and never make our patients look overdone. We help them understand the beauty in their unique appearance. While we can enhance beauty with surgical and nonsurgical procedures, we cannot replace wellness in the mind and spirit. The more support we give our women to modify only what’s needed to help them feel powerful throughout their lives is what we will offer.

Surgical and nonsurgical procedures should be more openly talked about so that the positive benefits patients receive are better known. We take time and care at SCCSA under the direction of Dr. Husam Elias to share these ideas and information. If you’re someone who is considering any of these procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift or anti-aging injections, call to schedule your appointment with Southern California Center for Surgical Arts today at 818-616-6685.

Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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