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Not Into Implants? Consider Natural Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation remains the leading plastic surgery procedure, with over 300,000 requesting these annually. Not long ago, the primary decision facing you as a patient may have been saline or silicone, since implants were the primary method used to add volume to your breasts.

There’s now a third option that not only does away with implants — there’s no large incision with inches-long scars. Called autologous breast augmentation, the procedure harvests fat from another part of your body and relocates it to your breasts. It may not be the right procedure for everyone, but it could be the ideal solution for you, and we offer the procedure at the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts.

The principle behind natural breast augmentation

Breasts are largely composed of fat tissue, the same substance that collects on your abdomen, flanks, thighs, and buttocks. Natural breast augmentation relocates fat from less desirable areas to your breasts, creating body contouring effects that give you more where you want it while reducing where you don’t.

Benefits of natural breast augmentation

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are pros and cons with natural breast augmentation. The relocation of fat tissue itself can be a benefit when it suits your overall aesthetic goals. Other positive attributes of the process include:

Keyhole incisions 

We perform both the harvest and injection phases of the augmentation through small incisions of less than a quarter-inch, avoiding longer scars associated with implants.

Few complications

Since we use your own tissue, there’s no potential for allergic reaction, and the harvest and injection procedures have an excellent safety record.

Natural results

Patients and doctors alike are typically satisfied with the results, which augment the breasts in a more natural way than implants, without rippling or other implant effects.

No subsequent surgery

Implants may need replacement between 10 and 20 years after placement, or when complications arise. With natural augmentation, you don’t need additional surgeries.

The downsides of the procedure

There are drawbacks to the procedure too. For instance, it’s a much longer process than implant surgery. There’s a three-month tissue expansion period prior to the fat transfer to assure that there’s room for the new cells. An external device uses suction to expand breast tissue and increase blood supply, creating space and vascular support for transferred tissue.

Generally, natural breast augmentation limits you to one or two cup sizes of change, and greater changes mean more harvest-and-inject procedures, because we can move only so much tissue at one time. Blood supply in the breasts is a critical success factor, since without enough blood, the new cells could die off.

Augmentation versus lift

If you have ptotic breasts — that is, they sag or droop — no breast augmentation will correct this issue. Choosing natural, silicone, or saline augmentation makes no difference, and in fact, augmentation may aggravate this condition. Only a breast lift procedure can address sagging, but it’s possible to perform breast lifts, called mastopexy, after natural augmentation.

Dr. Husam Elias of the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts is a breast augmentation specialist, well-versed in all augmentation types and techniques. Contact our office by phone or using the online request tool to arrange your consultation today and learn more about what natural breast augmentation may offer you. 

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