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No Better Time for Your Surgery

Spring may be right around the corner, but it’s not too late to get your cosmetic surgery scheduled that will get you ready for the warm weather months ahead. Cooler months of winter and early spring are the perfect time to schedule that surgery you have been thinking about but putting off until the “right time.” The staff at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts have a few good reasons why the “right time” is now.

Make Up for Holiday Indulgences

The holidays are long over, but you may still be seeing the remains of the celebrations – right around your waistline. If over-indulgence during the season has left you with pockets of fat that are not responding to your diet and exercise efforts, cosmetic surgery may be the solution. Procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks are effective in erasing those fat deposits, as well as excess skin and tissue that are keeping you from the lean, streamlined body contour you are craving.

Dr. Elias performs liposuction and tummy tuck on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia. Recovery from liposuction takes just a few days, while tummy tuck recovery is generally 2-4 weeks. Results of both procedures are dramatic and permanent as long as a healthy weight is maintained after surgery.

Good Time for Downtime

This is often a good time of year to take some time off to indulge in a surgical procedure just for you. The holidays are over and spring and summer gatherings have not yet begun. The cooler temperatures make us yearn for time indoors to relax and binge-watch our favorite television programs. By scheduling your cosmetic surgery now, you can hibernate at home during your recovery period without friends and family wondering what you are up to.

Covering Up the Evidence

When the weather cools down, the warmer clothing comes out of hiding. With many layers and accessories becoming part of the daily wardrobe, it is much easier to cover up any telltale incisions, swelling or bruising after your plastic surgery. Even facial surgery is more easily hidden this time of year under hats and scarves.

In addition, some cosmetic surgery procedures require you to wear a special compression garment for a number of days after your surgery to stimulate healthy blood flow and reduce bruising and swelling. These garments are generally much more comfortable to wear when temperatures are cooler and they can be hidden under your bulky layers as well.

Getting Your Face and Body Summer Ready

Any type of cosmetic surgery involves a recovery period afterward to allow the body time to heal. Full results of most procedures won’t be evident for a number of weeks, once the swelling and bruising subside and the body adapts to the new contours. Even non-surgical procedures can involve some downtime or require days or weeks before the full results of the procedure are seen.

By scheduling your procedure now, you can rest assured your changes will be ready to flaunt to the world by the time summer rolls around. With vacations, reunions and days at the beach ahead, this is the time to schedule your procedure so you will be looking your best for all those events.

Dr. Elias offers a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures to his Southern California patients. He and his staff will work with you to help you identify your concerns and reach your aesthetic goals. To schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Elias, contact Southern California Center for Surgical Arts today at 818-696-4425.

Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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