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Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men

Dr. Husam Elias, like many other providers of cosmetic surgery procedures, has seen a rising number of men visiting his office who would like to improve their appearance through surgical means. If you’d like to learn how you can look younger, consider scheduling an appointment at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts. You might be surprised by what you learn! 

Growing in popularity

There are lots of reasons that more men are seeking cosmetic procedures, but the bottom line is that they want to look better — just like women who have cosmetic procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgery says that more than 1 million men had some kind of cosmetic surgery in 2018, which represents an increase of almost 30% since 2000. 

There are all kinds of theories about what’s driving this increase. Could social media be making men more aware of their appearance? Are millennials offering some competition in the workplace and pushing older men to strive for a more youthful look? 

In the end, it really doesn’t matter. Men want to look their best, and if cosmetic surgery can help, why not find out if it’s a good choice for you? 

Most requested procedures

The most popular cosmetic surgery among men is rhinoplasty. Changing the shape of your nose is an incredibly common desire, among both men and women. In 2018, about 52,000 men underwent surgery to change the shape of their noses. 

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is also popular among men. There are plenty of reasons that you may consider blepharoplasty in addition to wanting to look younger. Droopy, sagging eyelids can disrupt your vision, cause puffiness around your eyes, and increase dryness in your eyes. 

If the term “dad bod” makes you cringe and inspect your waistline, you may want to consider body contouring, which is another commonly sought cosmetic procedure among men. Body contouring changes the shape of your body, sometimes through a series of procedures. 

Liposuction removes excess fat in areas that might not respond to exercise and nutrition as well as you’d like. A tummy tuck lifts and tightens your abdomen, and gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction, rids you of excess breast tissue. 

Although it’s not a surgical procedure, you may also want to consider injectables in your quest to appear younger. Botox® can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and other injectables can help your cheeks look fuller, get rid of your double chin, and help you achieve a younger look. 

Choose your provider carefully

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a full body makeover, or you’d just prefer it if your eyelids weren’t so droopy, having a skilled, knowledgeable surgeon is critically important. Dr. Elias’ combination of training and experience gives him the tools you need to look younger. 

If you’d like to learn more about any of the cosmetic procedures that benefit men, book an appointment at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts. 

You can request an appointment quickly and easily at any time online, or you’re welcome to call our office at 818-452-5272, from  8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday to schedule. You can also send a message to Dr. Elias and the team here on our website.

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