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Making an Impression Throughout the New Year

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Many of our surgical patients come to us from all over the Los Angeles and Valley areas with a list of things they want to enhance or improve. For our female clients, making an impression throughout the New Year is one of the most important things on their list and that list usually includes breast augmentation. Of course, the particular benefits and whether or not everyone is a candidate for breast augmentation is something we always want to bring to your attention.

Dr. Elias is constantly talking to his clients post-procedure about their experiences with breast augmentation so that he can share that with each and every one of you. Surgical benefits are not strictly health related but can also benefit your mind and spirit. At SCCSA, our goal is to bring you joy and enhance your lifestyle in any way we can. So if you want to make an impression this year, we’ll help you make it a lasting one with breast augmentation.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Confidence and comfort are two of the first things that may come to mind when we think of breast augmentation. Your breast shape and size are unique to you, but there are symmetrical qualities we can address with a breast augmentation that many women are unaware. While breast implants can increase the size of your breasts, they can also create an even contour for your body type and improve the shaping of the breasts. Some women find that the amount of offset breast tissue in one breast from the other is significant, and Dr. Elias can change that as he adds implants and redistributes the tissues.

Finally getting the look of rounded and shapely breasts that accentuate your body type can help you go after your dreams. Many women find that they discover the fire within themselves to get that new job or finally ask the man of their dreams out on a date (we’re forward thinking here). Well-done breast augmentations are a movement for women. Be empowered to choose beautiful breasts that show just the right amount of proportioned cleavage you want to get that blouse you’ve been eyeing. Remember it’s all about you!

Health Conditions a Breast Aug Can Address

While many of the health conditions that breast augmentation addresses are psychological, these are just as important as physical health conditions. For example, our patients that have previously had a mastectomy and want to work on the reconstruction of the breasts alongside implants, these procedures can have a lasting impact on their lives. Dr. Elias treats his work as a detailed and visionary plastic surgeon and artist, where each procedure speaks to the individual.

While these decisions can be difficult to make and to understand how to go about them even more so, augmentation can add to your happiness. When you feel comfortable and beautiful, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your full potential in every aspect of life. Breast augmentation can reduce symptoms of depression so you can be more social and connect with more people to build your social circle.

Keeping the Shape, You’re Meant to Have

While you think about the look you’re hoping for during consultation for breast implants and options for augmentation, you should reflect on the natural qualities of your look. Dr. Elias takes detailed measurements to maintain your shape and enhance what you already have. You don’t want to look overdone or disproportionate. While larger breasts can seem like the best option, you may not feel that way later, and balance is always the key. Embrace your shape and keep that shape because you were meant to have it. It’s all about loving yourself first.

To enhance your breasts and improve your confidence, call SCCSA to schedule your breast augmentation consultation at 818-696-4425.

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