Loving Your Look: How Genioplasty and Facial Implants Are Helping

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Many of the cosmetic procedures men and women look for are those that modify body shape and proportion. At the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts—while we do all of these body shaping procedures and more—Dr. Elias performs procedures that create symmetry and aesthetic balance within the face. Genioplasty is one of these procedures that address malalignment within the chin and jawline.

If you’re looking to enhance facial contours and strengthen your bone structure, the chin and jawline are the best place to start as they are at the core of facial symmetry. There are two ways in which Dr. Husam Elias performs genioplasty, by using implants or through a sliding genioplasty technique. You’ll be interested to know there is hope to change the overall shape of your face to appear more masculine or feminine. Genioplasty and facial implants may be the key to loving your look.

Common Conditions Treated by Genioplasty

We explained that genioplasty carefully tailors definition within the jawline and chin, but you may be wondering why. Genioplasty reshapes the chin and jawline for those that were born with receding or protruding chin, as well as any imbalance from injury or underdevelopment. No two patients of ours are alike at SCCSA when it comes to their natural bone structure. If you’re looking at your profile in the mirror right now and noticing that your jawline juts too far forward or it recedes into your neck, then genioplasty might be something to consider.

The above bullet points are the main reasons that patients are recommended for genioplasty, but these are blanket conditions. We’ll identify congenital conditions below that you or your child may have and want to correct. These conditions are:

Retrognathia—This condition refers to the pulled back or receding chin we talked about above. The maxilla or mandible may be the cause of this malformation of the chin and jawline. Depending on how far retracted the chin is and how much of the jawline remains, Dr. Elias can correct retrognathia by cutting the jawbone forming the chin. By cutting the chin and sliding this part of the bone forward, Dr. Elias can extend the jawbone and create the illusion of a naturally balanced chin—a sliding genioplasty.

Microgenia—At birth, the jawline is malformed or underdeveloped. This type of malformation includes many classes of defects including Crying Cat Syndrome where the jawbone reverts into the larynx or voice box. Children with this condition often have it corrected immediately since it warps the voice, so they sound like a cat when they cry. Another condition you may have been aware of since childhood is a softened jaw bone which is quite delicate and requires additional support since the bone is unable to harden. Chin implants can offer that protection and support for the weakened bone while creating shape and definition.

These chin augmentation surgeries are performed on children and adults to correct medical conditions, but enhancing your chin and jawline are considered cosmetic and optional. Dr. Elias will explain where your procedure falls in these categories by defining a particular condition, if one exists, and modifying the problem.

Chin implants are changing the game for many patients since they’re a safe addition to the jawline as a sterile body that is made of silicone and molded to your ideal shape. Dr. Elias can combine both sliding genioplasty and the addition of chin implants in the same procedure. There are many benefits to genioplasty including speech and psychological benefits that improve confidence.

Dr. Elias can help you manage any of these chin and jawline conditions and restore balance to the face. Make your appointment for genioplasty with Dr. Elias today by calling us at 818-616-6685.

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