It Isn’t a Procedure; it’s an Art-Breast Augmentation

The feminine physique is accentuated by the unique curves of the body and proportion of the breasts to these curves. Women value the size, proportion, and setting of their breasts because they help them build their confidence and often support their identity as beautiful and strong women. So, no, breast augmentationisn’t a procedure; it’s an art. Dr. Elias, at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts (SCCSA), knows exactly what his female patients need when it comes to breast augmentations because he talks with them, sits down and has conversations about the vision they have for their perfect breasts. Here at SCCSA, your dreams matter, and we have the surgical artist that has studied the specific beauty in creating beautiful breasts from those that once were at their peak, those that have gone through cancer removal and those that needed a little lift.

Why Breast Aug’s Aren’t Box Jobs

Breast augmentations are a specific procedure done only by surgeons that know how to mold breast tissue, how to create unique areola nipple complexes and those that know what the best possibly look for their patient will be based on their surgical expertise and the desires of their patients. Most people think of breast augmentations as a surgery that adds a couple of implants filled with one of two options, silicone or trusty old saline. But if we think about breast augmentations as simply a plugin of implants just for a boost in size, we’re missing the point of breast aug’s. Our patients are women that have gone through multiple pregnancies, women that have had breast cancer and beat it!

When we look into our breast augmentations that we offer our patients, it’s not just about the tissues but it’s about how we put them together to change lives. When Dr. Elias works with our patients to craft their breasts, there are specific choices we make in whether or not we use fat grafting techniques to make breasts look and feel as natural as possible. The incisions we make are sure to hide any scarring and the delicate way we assemble newly cut skin to reduce stretching excess, can lovingly wrap breast tissue like a gift. Like every woman, each breast that Dr. Elias restructures, lift and enhances is unique to our patients. He creates the most custom look for each woman that they can be proud of each day for years to come.

Every Body is Different

During your consultation for breast augmentation, our staff welcomes you to our office with excitement because you’re about to take one of the beautiful journeys in plastic surgery. Your breast augmentation is created to take into account all the complex measurements of your body, yes your particular shape. Because every body is different, you can be confident in your choice to work with Dr. Husam Elias. At SCCSA we will work with you to craft 3D images and animations of what your breasts might look like once you’ve made a few crucial decisions on the size, best shape and how they sit on the body. Once you’ve decided on these things and feel confident about these decisions, Dr. Elias will make the magic happen.

Call SCCSA today to schedule your consultation with the magic hands of Dr. Elias at 818-616-6685.

Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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