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How Reducing Your Breasts Could Save Your Life

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It might seem strange to think that women with larger breasts might not be as fond of them as you may think. While many female patients consider larger breast enhancements for a more aesthetically pleasing look, there are a few things about the proportion of the breast to body ratio best explored beforehand. A decision such as a breast enlargement is always carefully discussed with all patients here at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts as Dr. Husam Elias works with a variety of women with varying needs.

If you’re a patient that suffers from back, neck and shoulder pain due to larger sized breasts compared to your body proportions, Dr. Elias may recommend breast reduction surgery. Breast reducing surgery could save your life by minimizing the years of discomfort and posture changes that are bound to happen over time. While larger breasts may seem like the point of breast enhancement, think about the weight bearing issues they can also cause even when they may look great.

The Weight Bearing Issue

Weight bearing issues are very real problems for women with larger breasts because breasts composed of soft tissues are quite heavy, believe it or not. Larger breasts are formed on women of every shape and size, even when their upper body isn’t equipped with the strongest muscles to support them. Your breasts have no muscle within the breast itself, and only the chest area where the breasts sit has muscle; each breast is tethered to these chest wall muscles by rope-like ligaments that are fibrous connective tissues. These ligaments are not meant to hold on to heavy things for an extended period and gradually lose their ability to remain tight and secure.

Once the breasts begin to sag, which they do as soon as they’re too large for the body, these ligaments stretch, and the weight of the breasts bears down on the shoulders, neck, and back. Everything starts to hurt and becomes uncomfortable at this point, which is something many of Dr. Elias’ patients complain about when their breasts have been oversized their whole lives. Not only will the upper back and neck suffer, but the pain radiates down the whole of the back and adds great strain on the lower back creating functional problems as time goes on.

Bra straps can cause rubbing and burning, sometimes tearing through the skin and making it difficult to move around or exercise with large breasts. Finally, confidence is lower in women with breast discomfort because they cannot wear the bras they want to or are constantly aware of the large size unable able to wear the clothing they like. If you feel like this is you, Dr. Elias will encourage you to consider breast reduction seriously.

It’s Safer to Get Them Reduced Than to Keep Them Over Time

As you consider breast reduction over the years, you might wonder if this procedure is a safe decision to make. The truth is you would be much healthier if you had your breasts reduced than to keep them over time. Thinking about your health and the sacrifice you’re making each day with extreme pain and slouching, not to mention every activity you avoid because of your breasts, a reduction will save you. Dr. Elias will explain any potential risks that may come from breast reduction, but the overall relief it brings is unbelievable to most patients.

Freedom from reduced breasts comes as soon as the surgery is over and you will feel this weight lifted from your body. During the surgery, every tissue in the breasts including glandular tissues, skin, and fat are removed. Before any incisions are made a detailed plan for breast reduction is created between you and Dr. Elias to make sure the proportions of your newly shaped, balanced breasts meet your expectations.

SCCSA is ready to help you achieve your goal of improved comfort and confidence for the rest of your life with breast reduction. Call our office at 818-616-6685 to learn more.

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