Gentlemen: Let’s Talk Gynecomastia Surgery

At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts (SCCSA), Dr. Husam Elias looks for the best surgical solutions to help every type of patient from any background that will enhance their confidence and achieve the best aesthetic results possible. For men, that means our highly customizable gynecomastia surgery to achieve the most masculine look in your chest that you’ve been unable to get to with all that extra tissue.

When we talk about extra tissues, we mean the extra fatty tissue layer present in the pectoral area that resembles male breasts. For any man that suffers from a few extra layers of fat in their pectoral area, they know what it feels like to hide away from specific events and encounters. When your body isn’t up to your standards aesthetically, it makes things much more difficult to endure. Your confidence levels are a lot lower than you wish they were, but gynecomastia surgery can help to correct this.

What is gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia is the surgical process that removes excess fatty tissues from the pectoral or chest area that accumulate by genetics and excess weight. Often many men assume that they need to hit the gym harder, but this isn’t always the case. So instead of living with male breasts, why not think about a consultation to see how gynecomastia surgery will help you. This surgery will do what weight lifting and the gym can’t achieve, even when you work so hard to reduce your fat content. In addition to removing these fatty tissues in the pectoral area, we can contour the pectorals by tightening the muscle layers and excising the skin here that have suffered from pulling down of the fat. Your chest will look amazing after this procedure is done and you won’t believe what it can do for your confidence.

Why do men get gynecomastia?

The reason most men get gynecomastia surgery is to reduce the feminine look to their chest and reinvigorate their masculinity. When it comes to male confidence, much of this is associated with the chest and other features such as strong jawlines and larger muscle definition. When we want to look younger, gynecomastia surgery restores your youthful contours in the chest where other activities can’t. Many men don’t realize that this surgical procedure is available to them until they start doing their research. Gynecomastia will change your perspective on life for sure. We see the change in our patients as soon as the gynecomastia procedure is complete. These men notice their clothes fit much better, and they’re more adventurous than before their procedure. The confidence that exudes from them in their everyday lives is unbelievable.

Plastic Surgery is Becoming More Common with Men

Believe it or not, men are starting to get it that plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures are not specifically designed just for women. There are more and more men finding that these anti-aging or restoration procedures can and will work for them. In the 2015 survey for surgical procedures under the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men were nearly 10% of all procedures and treatments and that number is growing. During your consultation with Dr. Elias, he will explain every treatment that might benefit you.

To learn more about our gynecomastia procedure for men, call Southern California Center for Surgical Arts today at (818) 616-6685.

Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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