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Dental Implants: Why They Are the Unparalleled Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth

While a gapped-toothed grin might have been cute when you were younger, missing teeth as an adult is anything but adorable, leaving you to cast about for viable solutions. If you want a replacement option that performs as well as the original, in both form and function, nothing beats our dental implants.

At Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, we specialize in cosmetic, oral, and maxillofacial surgery, which means we have the experience, training, and knowledge to understand how best to make up for these gaps in Mother Nature. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Husam Elias, we offer dental implants, including All-on-4® implants, that help our clients in the Sherman Oaks, California, area to eat, chew, and smile with confidence.

Take a moment to explore why dental implants are the unparalleled choice for replacing missing teeth.

Down to the bone

The main reason why dental implants rise head and shoulders above the other replacement options, such as partial dentures, is that these devices replace far more than what you see above your gum line. We realize that your cosmetic concerns may be front and center when you lose a tooth, and you just want to get something to fill the gap as quickly as possible.

But you’re not considering the whole picture. Below your gum line, your teeth are securely anchored into your jawbone through the tooth’s roots, which provide superior stability. When you lose a tooth, you also lose the root, and this unseen gap is far more serious than the one above your gum line.

Your bone is living tissue that’s constantly repairing and rebuilding itself when it’s active — as long as your body receives the signal to keep doing it. When you lose your tooth down to the roots, your jawbone is no longer active in that area and your body ceases to rebuild the bone.

This leads to bone deterioration that can affect your neighboring teeth, causing them to shift out of place. It can also lead to a far worse outward effect than a missing tooth — a sunken-in appearance around your mouth.

With a dental implant, we place a titanium post into your jawbone, which your body accepts and integrates into the living tissue. In effect, your implant fuses into place because new bone tissue grows around it. This means that your implant is far more stable since it mimics your natural teeth right down to the bone.

More than a solo solution

While dental implants are a great solution for one or two missing teeth, they also provide a superior solution when you want to replace a whole row of teeth. If you’re missing most of your teeth on your upper or lower jaw, the traditional option has been to replace them with dentures. Dentures have worked well for years, but they aren’t terribly stable and take some getting used to when you talk and chew.

For a better solution, we offer complex implant surgery where we can provide replacement teeth using the All-on-4 technique. If you have an adequate jawbone, we strategically place four implants into your mouth, to which we attach a full set of teeth on either (or both) your upper and lower jaws. Even if your foundational bone structure is weak, we can angle the implants rather than relying on bone grafts to still provide you with the stability you need.

These implants provide far better support for your new teeth than a set of dentures that rely on an unreliable suction seal.

If you’d like to explore the gold standard in tooth replacement, please give us a call to see whether dental implants may be right for you. Or you can use the online scheduling tool to set up a consultation.

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