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Benefits of Correcting your Jaw

Dr. Husam Elias takes every opportunity he can to share the benefits of orthognathic surgery with his patients. With years of experience in the field or maxillofacial plastic surgery, Dr. Elias takes great pride in offering each patient the ability to reduce pain, improve their appearance through cosmetic procedures and other treatments. For any patient that has ever suffered from dental malalignment or issues with the functionality of the teeth, corrective jaw surgery is something you should seriously consider. Of course, before any recommendation is made, Dr. Elias meets privately with each patient to explain the details of the procedure and the benefits of correcting your jaw.

Daily Activities Malalignment Interrupts: Eating, Drinking, Talking

There are a variety of complaints that are directly related to the alignment of the jaw and teeth whether or not you’re aware of the connection. For example, did you know that some of the chronic headaches you experience could potentially be relieved by reducing pressure on the jaw and connecting structures? Corrective jaw surgery has many benefits for our patients. Some of the first things we look for when discussing the procedure with our patients are problems with their daily activities such as eating, drinking, talking and issues smiling or expressing themselves properly.

When the jaw is malformed, the teeth cannot meet the way they need to so that food can be chewed well to provide nutrients for the body. Depending on the setting of the jaw, these simple daily tasks for most people are very difficult for those with these added obstacles from the incorrect bone formation. The off balance of the teeth and bite according to the setting of the jaw can be corrected with this surgical procedure to allow you to perform these necessary functions of life. Modifications to the upper and lower portions of the jaw will be made so that we can achieve this.

Benefits of Corrective Jaw Surgery:

  • Improvement in restful sleep
  • Reduction in tension headaches
  • Improvements in chewing
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Clearer speech
  • Aesthetic improvement in facial symmetry
  • Reduces breathing obstruction
  • Balances pressure on all teeth to save their strength as a group

Why Misalignment Happens

It’s unfortunate that misalignment of the jaw happens, but it does in some. Why does misalignment happen to some of us, but not others? One of the most common reasons that this occurs is your genetics. If you’ve had people in your family with cleft lip, additional teeth, or an incorrect formation of the jawbone, these are all hereditary. Other things that we may be socially prone to in development are things like social crutches in childhood like continuing use of a pacifier or sucking of the thumbs. These little comforts for children can often cause jaw irregularities and trouble with all of the above activities in the future.

It’s important to understand why these things are necessary to stop before they cause even more problems. They really do have an effect on our formation in childhood, so to avoid surgeries make sure your children remove these potential problems at the right time. In addition to this, external injuries to the jaw could cause serious damage, but these can be repaired.

How Dr. Elias Can Fix It

Dr. Elias can figure out the cause of the issue and provide a skilled treatment plan on how best to go about correcting this malformation of the jaw or injury to the area. During your consultation, Dr. Elias will take detailed imagery, every type of facial measurement as well as custom molds from your dental structure. At this time he will work with you to create 3D images or simulations to show you any particular modification made whether it’s a functional correction or cosmetic change. If you have blockages in the airway, Dr. Elias will set about restructuring these areas or create a plan to add bone grafts, remove excess bone and recreate the perfect jaw.

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Dr. Husam Elias Hasam Elias

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