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5 Tips to Speed Your Nose Surgery Recovery

Tips for a speedy recovery after nose surgery

Rhinoplasty — also known as nose surgery — is one of the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures. Often performed to bring the appearance of the nose into proportion with the rest of the face, nose surgery is also done to correct breathing issues or damage from an injury. Because of the complex physiology of the nose and sinuses, rhinoplasty is often considered one of the more complex plastic surgery procedures. Even when performed well, the sensitivity of your face can make recovery slow. It may take a full year before you achieve final results.

Here are five tips from Dr. Husam Elias at Southern California Center for Surgical Arts that you can use to aid in your recovery if you get a nose surgery.

Plan ahead

You’re going to have some downtime after your nose surgery, so prepare to make your life easier in the immediate post-op phase by:

Rest, rest, rest

Much of the healing process will depend on your body and how efficiently it heals. And how can you aid your body as it works to heal your nose? By resting.

Make sure you have 1-2 weeks set aside to simply relax and heal. It isn’t an indulgence. It’s part of surgical recovery. Trying to maintain a busy schedule after surgery means that your body must focus on other demands besides healing. Overactivity can even make your post-surgery swelling worse. Also, try to get plenty of sleep. Your body uses the time you sleep to help you heal.

Hold your head up

Keep your head elevated. This will encourage proper drainage from the nose area, a key factor in keeping swelling to a minimum. This is important whether you’re awake or asleep.

Cold compresses

Using cold packs is a great way to combat swelling and inflammation, but stay away from your nose, since pressure may affect the way your nose heals. Keep in mind that swelling is usually worse in the morning, particularly if you aren’t propped up well overnight. Placing cold packs around your cheeks and eyes can help keep swelling down.

Wash with care

Your nose and the dressings on and in your nose must stay dry in the early stages of your recovery period. Avoid bathing, showering, or swimming if there’s any chance your face will get wet. You won’t be able to wash your nose for a period of time after your surgery.

If you’re thinking about getting a nose surgery, book an appointment online or over the phone with Southern California Center for Surgical Arts today. Dr. Elias and his team will answer all your questions.

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