Refreshing Your Skincare Routine for Fall

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Every year, September ushers in a new daily schedule. School and extracurriculars might mean more time ferrying the kids around. You might be buckling down at work now that vacation season has ended. Perhaps your activity levels are shifting as the days get shorter. A change of seasons means a change in lifestyle, even for […]

Healing From Dental Implant Surgery: What to Expect

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It can be difficult to tell what’s going on inside your mouth following oral surgery. It’s a body part that’s difficult to observe on your own even when it isn’t stuffed with gauze and slightly swollen. You may experience some moments of concern if you’re experiencing post-surgery symptoms that don’t seem like regular healing processes, […]

How to Eat Healthy After Body Contouring Surgery

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You’ve finally taken the big step towards achieving your dream figure: scheduling your body contouring surgery. After spending your time and effort to get to where you are, you want the results of your procedure to be worth it. And, perhaps more importantly, you want those results to last a lifetime. But surgery isn’t a […]

What Type of Implants Should I Get?

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The hottest summer months are in full force and for Californians that generally means days spent lounging beachside. But if the thought of wearing that itty, bitty two-piece leaves you feeling uncomfortable, you may miss out on some of your favorite warm-weather activities. With the help of Dr. Elias from Southern California Center for Surgical […]

Ideal Facial Procedures For Your Summer Staycation

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When your friends are booked with trips and vacations all summer and your partner is bogged down with work, summer can feel like a real bore. So why not use this time to address your facial concerns that you’ve been putting off for years? Your face is truly one of your most defining characteristics, as […]

3 Ways to be Bikini Ready This Summer

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Summer is officially here, and that means long days of lounging beachside with your favorite gal pals. As a woman, your physique is accentuated by your body’s unique curves and shapely breasts. But when the size, proportion or setting of your breasts cause you to lose self-confidence, it can feel impossible to rock your favorite […]

(Body) Shaping Up For Summer

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Summer is in full swing, and that means long, hot days full of outdoor activities with family and friends. But these warmer months also mean showing more skin. If you’re uncomfortable with the way you look, it can be difficult to see other people sporting shorts and bikinis. Being unhappy with the way your body […]

3 Important Steps for Men’s Health Month

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Celebrated each June, Men’s Health Month is a great time to appreciate your manhood and grow awareness of preventable health problems. Throughout the country, health screenings, wellness fairs and educational sessions are offered to encourage men of every age to practice a healthy lifestyle. There tends to be a silent health crisis when it comes […]

Staying In Shape from the Inside Out

Healthy Nutrition and Tips to Extend National Nutrition Awareness The New Year is when you’ll see the world jump up and say collectively, that it’s time to get fit and live healthily. How long this lasts depends on you, doesn’t it? After a while, the gym starts to look a little empty, and you’re finally […]

Loving Your Look: How Genioplasty and Facial Implants Are Helping

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Many of the cosmetic procedures men and women look for are those that modify body shape and proportion. At the Southern California Center for Surgical Arts—while we do all of these body shaping procedures and more—Dr. Elias performs procedures that create symmetry and aesthetic balance within the face. Genioplasty is one of these procedures that […]