Dr. Elias and the staff of Southern California Center for Surgical Arts are happy to meet new clients every day. Our staff is knowledgeable in every treatment we offer, delivering compassionate and supportive care to every individual that visits our clinic. We now invite you to meet our staff below.


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Gabriela Cabrera

Patient Care Coordinator & Insurance Specialist

“I have sixteen years of experience in the healthcare field and bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our office. I am always eager to help our patients reach their cosmetic goals. I believe that becoming an intimate part of our patients’ lives is always a great honor. When I am not caring for our patients, I spend most of my time with my family. I’m a proud mother of three children, and my three-year-old keeps me busy on my time off. My favorite quote is by Sophia Loren, ‘Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.'”


Katrina Peek

Patient Concierge

“My passion is my family. As a wife and new mother, I adore every new experience I encounter with my husband and daughter that will one day become cherished memories. It is because of them that I strive to do my best personally and professionally. I have been a part of the healthcare field for fifteen incredible years. I currently hold a license as a Surgical Assistant and have been certified in Radiation Safety, OSHA, and HIPPA regulations. I have devoted half my life to the healthcare profession because I find personal joy and fulfillment in helping others. I appreciate the wide variety of people I am able to assist through Southern California Center for Surgical Arts. I love what I do, and I do what I love. My favorite quote is by Maya Angelou, ‘I’m a woman Phenomenally, Phenomenal woman, That’s me.'”


Hilda Oganesyan

Certified Surgical Technologist

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”–Audrey Hepburn. “As a member of Southern California Center for Surgical Arts, I truly love and appreciate the tender love and care we offer to all our patients and all they return to us. Working as a surgical tech, in the field for fifteen years, I have developed a particular passion for cosmetic surgery. Dr. Elias is kind and a pleasure to work with. In my spare time, I love to read books, travel and spend time with my husband and two amazing sons.”


Dianne Fajardo

Surgical Assistant

“I have been in the healthcare industry for over twelve and a half years. In my spare time, I love cooking, baking, reading, writing, arts, crafts and hiking. My favorite quote is, ‘If there is no struggle there is no progress,’ a quote from the Abolitionist by Frederick Douglas. There are many things I love about working with patients, but the thing I love most is helping patients stay healthy and feel confident about themselves. Southern California Center for Surgical Arts is a positive and challenging work environment, where every day I leave work feeling like I made a difference in peoples’ lives.”